Boo Boo hopefully rectified, somewhat !

Well my boo boo was that I declared on here I would run a 1/2 marathon for my 70th. I would still love to but dafty me, I was thinking it was around 13k not 13 miles ! OMG what did I let myself in for. I hate giving up on challenges, what to do, I can never ever hope to run that far. SO, I decided to be pro active, I contacted the local running club, admitted what I had done and asked for help, I am now awaiting a reply from my email. I feel nervous and sick , especially since I had no chance to run last week ( on holiday , packed my gear, forgot my trainers, told you I was daft !! , had to manage with walks with my grand daughter ) and when I ran yesterday it was a total disaster, I needed a poo ( I know tmi but it was awful so had to share ) I got lost, I couldnt run , so went home, covered 4k but so unsatisfactory. anyway in the driving seat again so watch this space !!


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  • You're back in the driving seat, and you DO have the time to get up to the 13.1 miles (sorry about the .1, but I thought we might as well give you the full shock right away). If anyone can do it, it's you.

    And don't forget that I want to be able to tell my grand children* that "I was on the same forum as her, it felt almost as if I knew her" . So don't let me down, okay? ;-)


    *not that there's much sign of that happening, but sooner or later the younger generation is going to loose their inhibitions.

  • I think you're allowed to walk some of it too. I bet you'll run most of it, because you sound like a stubborn mare (just like me!)

  • Hello :)

    Half marathon on your birthday sounds like a very cool idea !

    I am still in week 8 but I know that in the first week I was not able to run for two minutes but with training , I can get there !

    You can do the half marathon thats a sure thing and we will be waiting the full marathon post right after :)

  • Ok let's have a think here. You have given yourself a very doable time of two years that's 104 weeks. To increase your distance by 17km. So that's an increase of approximately 1/2 a km a month. That's very achievable. Even if you have a few off weeks you could still reach that. You've proved how determined you can be. Don't sell yourself too short here, but if you really don't want there is no shame in sorting it out. Just don't give up because you think you can't. If that makes sense.

  • Gosh, put like that it makes it seem quite simple !! Maybe I should enter one too (NO) made me laugh though confusing miles with km. like someone else said you are so determined I'm certain you could do it.

  • now that makes perfect sense , thank you

  • Of course you can do it. You're a C25K'er. We can do anything we put our minds to!

    Baby steps. You're already nearly a quarter there!

  • I think realfoodieclub has put it perfectly, you can do this! We will behind you each step of the way don't worry you will great!

  • wish I had everyones confidence, thanks all

  • GrannyJudes

    I recommend that you have a look at the Jeff Galloway run/walk/run programmes for the half marathon. He has 20 week programmes for beginners - which he GUARANTEES that anybody can do without injury :) eg this one

    You could run/walk 30 seconds/30 seconds or 1 minute/1minute -- or whatever ratio you feel comfortable with. I did his 16 week beginner programme for 10 miles/16 Klms to eventually run my 14 Klm Sydney City to Surf race. I used a 2/1 ratio to run that - and did all my training at that ratio.

  • Bazza I knew you wouldnt let me down, thanks so much, dont think I will get to 10k in the time we hoped for, lost more then a week on holiday and my stamina has taken a knock

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