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Boost me up buttercup

Hi everyone,

Feeling a little apprehensive about my run today.

I have been happily progressing from 5k to 10k, but made a bit of a boo boo last week. I did a good 8k run on Wednesday in 5 x 10 minute intervals, and felt fantastic. Furthest I have ever run. I have been feeling like I need to add in a fourth run in a week, so decided to do a short fast(ish) 3k on Thursday. I set out at a roaring pace for the first k, then walked for a breather, then set off again for a 2nd K but by the end I was completely whacked and felt like I had cramp in my shins and my calves at the same time. Walked the rest of the way home. I am now kicking myself and I think I should have listened to you all when you said not to run on consecutive days.

Then to add insult to injury, I went to the parkrun on Saturday having had a bit of a dodgy tummy on Friday, and didn't even make it to the start - ended up volunteering which was still good fun, but felt like a bit of a failure.

Feeling better today and ready to get out there for another 8k of intervals tonight, but a little apprehensive that I haven't run for a few days. I'm sure it will be great, but I thought I would ask for a little motivation from the forum gurus - and if you can shoehorn in a clever song title into the advice then all the better.

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Love the title - now you've got me singing :D Sounds like your enthusiasm got the better of you - not only running two days in a row, but setting off too fast for your body to keep up. Your poor little leggies. The tummy bug added insult to injury! You know that you can run well and that you have the endurance - you now also know that your body will stick two fingers up at you if you try to push it too far, too fast. Now off you go and get singing ZZ Top (she's got legs, she knows how to use them...).

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There's nothing wrong with running on consecutive day once you are past the programme - if you run 4 days a week there is no way of avoiding doing so-

"setting off at a roaring pace for te first k" sounds like courting disater though.

doing interval training on your longest distance is rater unorthodox too. Most tarining wisdom is to run at your slowest pace for your long runs and keep the interval work to shorter sessions (and then with shorter intervals than 1k!)

Shoehorning in a song title? How about a chorus line from The Primitves:

"Here you go, way too fast

Don't slow down, you're gonna crash"


Thanks Rignold and excellent song choice - I think I did indeed crash.

The post 5k advice is all a bit confusing. The 10k app I have is pretty much based on a run/walk schedule.

5 sets of 10-12 mins with 1-4 min gaps between this week,

30 run, 2-5 walk, 15 run for 3 days next week

40 run, 2-5 walk, 10 run for 3 days the following week

ending with 50-60 run for 3 days then that's it.

We are trying to fit in a parkrun on a Saturday too which makes it a bit tricky and we are having to spread the longer runs out.

I am considering scrapping the app and just trying to increase distance.

Any pearls of wisdom for a 4 day plan including a parkrun?


If were me I'd try an easy 'recovery' 5k on Mondayas and Thurs or Friday, a longer run midweek - gradually building up a k or 2 a week as you felt comfortable with, and treat the Parkrun as the 'speed' session.

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Sounds like a good plan.

I suppose I just keep thinking I need to be doing more than 5k if I need to build up distance, but one long run once a week sounds like the way forward.

Thanks for your help - I'll keep on running (Spencer Davies Group)


Sounds like "Don't stop me now" to me! Or maybe, if we continue the Queen theme: "Too much love [of running] will kill you".

I would second Rignold here - I think you just did a bit too much too suddenly, combining a long interval session with a fast run the day after. If you look at plans like My Asics, then the 4th run of the week is usually a recover run the day before the hardest session. It tends to be easily the most gentle of the week.

I would suggest, as Rignold did - make the Parkrun your fast run of the week. That puts the long run as far away as possible - say Tues. Then put your intervals - hard but not too long - on Thurs with your recovery run coming the day before your long run - Mon. That gives:

M - 3k easy

T - long & slow building to 10k

W - rest

Th - intervals, say 400m hard, walk back for 20 mins.

F - rest

S - Parkrun (fast run)

S - rest


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Thank you Ugifer - it was 'Don't Stop Me Now' that got me through the run last night.

Did a 7k which was actually fine, stupid gremlins.

Going for a 5k Wed, 3k (maybe with intervals) Thursday then parkrun Saturday. Will then add on an extra 1k to the long run next Monday.


Oh a bit of Britney would fit the bill. "Cos I'm stronger than yesterday", lah di da, tum ti tum

Beyonce warbling about being a Survivor is very motivating too, specially going up hills.

Well done Chrissie. Keep up the good work but listen to us and take those flipping rest days! Grumble, grumble


Thanks misswobble - I will listen I promise (sigh)


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