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Week 2 Run 2 - It was a tug of war between the park and the bed

So i got through week 1. I have to say that despite doing a fair bit of regular exercise (weights and cardio) i struggled but got through it. This week has been tough as I have had a lot on work-wise so was travelling and lost a day. I woke up today tired and with a food fog from a take-away last night. My bed really did not want me to leave. I finally got up and mucked about with my polar heart watch, the chest strap for the watch, my iphone for the podcast (I prefer that due to the music - the app is boring).

Finally I made it to the park and I dragged my chubby frame around the park. Better than nothing. It's 6pm now and i'm shattered. I have a couple of questions:

- Will the tiredness go away?

- Should i eat before i run? (I typically run as soon as i get up, but my trainer insists that I eat my breakfast an hour before i train with him, but when I asked him today - he said that I will burn more fat if I do not eat prior to my sessions and just to hydrate.

I'm also worried about the transition to week 3 as it seems a lot to go from 90 secs to 3 mins. Wondering if I should repeat week 2 as I do not feel that I have finished with that yet, especially as my breathing is a struggle by the end of the interval. I'm a chubby chap and I can control my breathing when i'm working on a cross trainer, I find it hard to do when running.

Any help, tips and advice welcome.

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Well done on getting so far. To answer your questions 1) the tiredness will decrease as you get fitter 2) be careful how much you eat before you run. Lots of people run on empty, just drinking water before hand. If you feel you need something, how about a banana? 3) If you can do w2 then you're ready for w3. There's absolutely no need to repeat a week if you can complete it. The programme is fantastically well designed, so just trust it. Relax and enjoy yourself. Good luck :)


A takeaway? Bazzer, I thought you were the super healthy eater!!! Don't worry about it being a struggle. I think the people who said it wasn't a struggle to begin with were either (a) lying or (b) superhuman. I certainly struggled to start with and had aches in places I didn't even know were there. Keep at it my friend, and don't let those gremlins get the better of you. :)


And just a banana and some water before you go out. If I have any breakfast, I just feel really sick.


I agree with AM, usually I only eat if I know I am going for a long run, usually just have water and a coffee 30minutes before I set off. go on to week 3, I just breathe how I feel is right and natural to me, it will come. Just keep going and trust laura. the podcasts are good so many people complain about the app


Oh Bazzer, well done for getting out there and doing it . You sound like you have had a very busy week but hats off to you for making the time and effort to get out.

I normally run after work at teatime. I just have a cup of tea and half a banana before I go. If its a weekend , I just have a cup of tea but take a coupla of jelly babies with me , just case.

You will find a way that suits you , don't worry. Keep going , youre doing great ! :-) xxx


Try not to worry about tiredness and breathing. I'm still tired when I run, but the runs are longer and faster than at the start of the program. And the breathing? Some days it is better than others. The important thing is to keep getting out there. If you finished week 2, try week 3. I don't think many people 'master' the previous week before pushing onward. That being said, if week 3 is overkill for you, nothing wrong with a few extra rounds of week 2.


Firstly well done you are doing great....

1. Yes the tiredness improves and you will soon find you have alot more energy and feel energised

2. I always leave at least 3 hours after eating before I run. If I run in the early morning I never have brekkie. Just a berrocca and a green tea.

3. Breathing is hard... Slow your running, small steps, big breaths and relax your shoulders... Find your Rythm ....

4. I never felt ready for the next week in the programme but decided to trust it. You need to do what feels right but you might surprise yourself and find its ok..

Good luck :)


Bazzer, regarding your breathing.......! I just wonder if you're doing what I did last year when starting the programme and trying to sprint like I did when I was at school?!! I hate to depress you but you must slow it down. Look upon it as I do; 'trotting', 'ambling', 'gently jogging'etc. Running will come all in good time. Perhaps a new maxim should be 'You can't run before you can trot'?!

So keep going, just slow it down. And... well done for getting out there; that's the very hardest bit!


The take away was after a very draining day for us both - It was vegan and we did not over indulge. Some times I have to live in the real world. Thanks for the advice and support.


These comments are a great help and support. Today was a rest day - so did 30 mins on the x trainer which was great and I noticed that my heart rate remained lower than usual - I wonder if that is a sign that the running is working. Tomorrow is my W2 S3 - so bring it on! I'm also going to be doing a lot of walking around this weekend as I'm at VegFest at Olympia - Anyone else going?


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