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Back on board after hamstring pull! Yippee


I ran yesterday for the second time this week after a close to 6 week break following a hamstring pull. It's great to be back!! Now, to prepare for the Odyssea 10km in Paris in 10 days!! I hope I can find my form again quickly am I am building up slowly - 3km on Monday and 4km yesterday. I realised how hard it is not to run during this period of forced rest, so 'bon courage' as they say in France to all of you who are on the sidelines recovering from an injury. Be patient, and you will run again!

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Wow, I bet you are so pleased to be running again and how fantastic to be able to run in Paris... I hope there are not too many cobbles

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Hi Sprynn

Glad you're back!!!! Not running is THE worst thing isn't it. I can't imagine not running now

Paris!!! Flippin eck. I think I'm lucky to run round my local park. Good luck to ya!

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thank you miss wobble. am back up and running and looking forward to a 10k on Sunday. Am taking it slowly though so I won't be leading the pack!

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thanks LadyP33. Running in Paris is lovely, although now it is dark and I go early, I don't get to see much. And my park ends up looking like a London park after a while ;-)

Looking forward to a run in the Bois de Vincennes on Sunday for a charity run though. Have fun in your park which I am sure is lovely.


Congratulations being back! How long did you end up having to rest for, and did you do anything apart from RICE to treat the hamstring?

(asking because I managed to pull mine today, and have a race in less than 4 weeks)

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Sorry for the delayed reply Tomas - I have been out of circulation for a bit (but still running :-)

I eventually stopped running for just under 4 weeks. I tried to stop for a week a couple of times, but after running even a short while I was back to square one, so I figured it was going to take longer in the end if I kept trying to short circuit the healing process. I did RICE and had some physio sessions too where she used ultrasound and some other kind of electrical thing which apparently is supposed to speed up the 'fusing' process. I am lucky as I in Paris where it is easier to get access to Phsyio treatment. I hope you are making progress. I am running a 10k on Sunday with very little training (3k, 4k and 3 x 7-8ks over the past couple of week), so I intend to just do it slowly and steadily. Other tips, from my physio, are pretty obvious, but I am really making sure I do them religiously now: warm up, stretch, run, cool down, stretch, have water and some food before going out + hamstring strengthening exercises. Good luck

Have a great run Sunday ,

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