Runners back on yippee!!

Felt sooooo good to be out again after a week off! I forgot how long it takes me to get dressed, runners on, hat, start up map my run, start Laura up, have a sip of water etc etc.....about 10mins! Was very nervous about running and hurting my back so took it very steady and when I tired a bit after 12.5 mins I thought to myself, I can't let Laura and my forum friends down now I have to keep running! So thanks guys I was really determined to finish so I could tell you all! So that is week 7 in the bag now and roll on Monday for week 8.

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  • Well done Nellyharte - I find getting ready for the run a bit of a ritual, and I feel good just being in the 'gear', it sort of energises me! Enjoy week 8!

  • Take care. Ease back into it rather than storming ahead and make sure you have a rest day

  • Well done Nelly. Make sure you take care of that back and make the most of your rest days.

  • well done, sounds like you are doing really well :)

  • Glad to hear you are back 'on track' and your back is better.

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