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Back in the flow

Hi, I took a very short break just to get myself reacquainted with school life and now my schedule's become even more hectic. I'm trying to improve my running and therefore my stamina, so I plan to keep on running after C25K.

I completed Week 9 again just to see if I was still able to. It felt a bit awkward at first, but I started to remember pace and breathing and I only a few threats of stitches. but overall doing well.

I did want to know if running twice a week instead of three times was okay.

My physical schedule: Monday to Friday - Basketball before school/ Tuesday to Friday basketball during lunch/ Monday - lunchtime gym session/ Wednesday - Basketball during games and Judo after school and Thursday - after school gym session. Not including out of school Judo practice.

Should I try to squeeze in running at irregular intervals, e.g. Tuesday/Friday/Sunday, or just run twice a week, i.e. Monday/Saturday?

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Good Grief, Urumi, You're a Machine!! Sounds to me like you're pretty active and somewhere along the line there'll be vile homework to do plus, and more enjoyable, a bit of socialising and also you need 'blobbing' time! Why don't you just try timetabling a run twice a week and see how it goes? What you could do is try a 30 minute run once a week and for the other run try one of the Speed or Stamina podcasts with Laura. It would vary things and help you buld up more strength and endurance which, I think is what you were aiming to do. If it fits in ok and you find that you have lots of time then do an extra run, but I feel that two is going to be fine.

Good luck and I bow down to your superior activity levels!


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