I bought my Brooks Adrenalines GTS shoes in January. They have served me well. Probably done around 500K in them - roughly (as I haven't added it all up).

However they are showing signs of ultra use and the heels have worn down equally on the outside - by roughly the same amount (which is encouraging for a good expensive shoe). There is a hole in the left shoe at the toe where the stitching has worn away from either constant use or wet rot on rainy Thames Paths.

Yet they still feel mega comfy.

However I am getting a knee niggle lately and wonder if a new pair might stave off the niggle'itis.

May I procure your thoughts on the matter?

Thank you dear runners.



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29 Replies

  • 500 km is the figure often mentioned when people talk about how long a pair of running shoes last, and since they're getting well worn, it is probably a good time to replace them.

    You know you want to, so go on, treat yourself :)

  • Damn it. You know me too well.....

  • Definitely new shoes. You've been posting recently about your legs feeling mega heavy when you run. Sounds like you need some new shoes with better cushioning to help you bounce along like tigger. :)

  • Tis true AM. I need to get back the "Dan Bounce" (remember Brylcreme?....but for my legs..)!!!

  • Blimey! Your leg hairs must be immense if you need Brylcreme to control them. Oh no, wait a minute, that's not what you meant is it, lol :D

    Don't forget to post a photo when you get your new ones.

  • :D :D

  • How do you get toothy grins please?

  • Colon (on keyboard, not your very own) then capital D :D

  • :D

    Thank you!


    Yay! It worked! Thank you Slookie!

    :D :D :D

  • The cushioning should last you around 500 miles (not km) so if you are getting niggles it could well be somthing to do with the shoe not suiting your gait. Check the web for a local running specialist in your area as these shoes have only done around 300 miles.

    By the way, if you are in the West Yorkshire area you are more than welcome to pop in and see Tim, John or myself..

    Andy at Complete Runner, Ilkley

  • Thanks Andy - but I'm in London. And I bought them from a respectable "dealer" in East Sheen - a shop called "Up & Running". The shoes were specifically recommended for my gait - but it's interesting to hear that they should have lasted for 500 MILES. I shall investigate....

  • I would have expected "Up & Running" to have diagnosed the right shoe for you. The most likely answer is you have under estimateed how far you have run in them. They should be able to tell by looking at them to confirm this.

    Please note... If you wear your shoes for anything other than running you are still adding mileage to them.

  • Up and Running's two minutes from me. If you're going there I'll come and say hello and give you expert colour/style advice!

  • Boom!

  • Complete Runner. Great shop! I can highly recommend them.

  • I'm not a shoe fitting expert but have been told a lot depend on your own gait/wear pattern as to how long they will last, some are just heavier than others on their feet and if you do a lot of concrete running that can also wear soles faster. From my running friends I would say from January to now isn't bad, and also niggly knees often seem to be down to worn cushioning which is no longer working. Good news is you've already been analysed you should b able to get the same pair/similar online cheaper.

  • Thanks NB. I do mainly concrete running so I'm sure this has given the soles a damned good thumping over the months. Thankfully too I still have my orthotics which cost an arm and a leg which I can transfer to new shoes.....:D

  • Get new ones...thats exactly what started happening to me, although ask the special people in the shop as they know best.... a hole doesn't sound too good either, things can go in....

    time to go shopping :)

  • I believe you're right Jooj. I'm gonna go Saturday.

  • Your knee is tell you to get new shoes I'm afraid. I'm a Brooks wearer too, love em!

  • I agree! I think I was trying to make them last longer than they really should. What the hell....its only money!

  • Just bought a lovely set of Brooks, and I too have been told they'd be suitable for The Proclaimers. Maybe some new insoles and some gaffer for the hole?!

  • I think I'm gonna plunge and buy new ones. I can almost foresee a flap of gaffer tape, gerflapping along as I run along the Thames PAth!!!

  • I am working on a principle of overlapping shoes - getting a new pair a bit in advance of the old pair wearing out completely, and alternating them so the new ones are properly broken in before the old ones die altogether. Now that my weekly mileage is creeping over the 25-30 miles mark , shoe longevity suddenly seems more of an issue.

    Which leads onto another question: do you go with the same model to the pair you are comfortable with or experiment with something new?

  • Ahhh...there's the rub! (so to speak?!). I'm one of those people that doesn't like changing things for changes sake, so I'll most likely stick with the Brooks UNLESS...... something better is on the market, for a similar price. MAybe shoe technology has taken a giant leap forward since last Jan?!

  • I see all sorts of pairs of running shoes that look fantastic and tempt me hugely, but then I get a cold shiver and think "but what if they don't suit me as well as my current ones?" (Asics GT2000)

  • Now Dan, straight to the nice shoe shop ASAP and do as you're told. We don't want anyone being frightened by tootsies poking out of your old ones. AND- you must protect your knees at all cost!

  • Agreed. Off I pop.....

  • Snip snap.....!

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