My shoes have a hole!

My shoes have a hole!

I bought proper running shoes before starting couch to 5k and have now been out 15 times, for around two miles. ( on week 5) My left foot how ever has now had the toes poking through the top of the shoe. It's only a wee hole but will get worse ...  My husband thinks I should take them back as they aren't fit for purpose but I have had them since the start of March and worn them 15 times...   Thoughts???


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  • I'd take them back. I'd expect running shoes to last more than 15 runs! What make are they?

  • Will do. They are only going to get worse and I certainly can't afford a new pair ! They are adidas response boost from a proper running shop and I was fitted for them 

  • I'd definitely take them back. They shouldn't be that worn in that short space of time. Did they give you a size up from your normal shoe size? Usually you need a slightly bigger size as your feet expand more with the heat when you run. hope that helps.

  • Thanks. They are a half size bigger than my usual shoes (a six and I am a 5 1/2). My socks (also bought at the same time in a proper running shop) are thick (twin skin) ones. They said there was plenty room when I tried them on. I'll take them back next week and ask !!

  • Where that is, on the top, is usually down to a long toe nail rubbing through, yes try taking them shoes have to be at least 1 size bigger than normal shoe size....

  • I have recently returned a pair of expensive shoes which wore out in weeks. The retailer was happy to accept them back (internet) and reimbursed the cost of the shoes plus the postage and gave me 20% off a replacement. They didn't have the shoe I wanted but I get to keep the offer which is open for 6 months.   For sure take/send them back.  

    The manufacturers are trying to get shoes lighter and lighter and you'll notice the uppers are getting very lacey, you can see through them as they're so fine.  This comes at a cost in that they don't last!  OK for the odd race but not for the daily grind

    I gave mine a good wipe down before I returned them to make sure they looked as clean as they possibly could, without washing them.

  • Thanks  that's a good tip. I ran On grass today for the last bit and they are a bit muddy. ! 

  • Yep def take them back. My first pair of proper running shoes split on the fabric cuff round my ankle after 3 months of use. I took them back & they replaced them with no problem at all. ☺

  • I would take them back and try for an exchange . Looking at the picture, there is a lot of mesh and I wonder is this gives you the support you need

  • I thought that when I looked at the photo too. 

  • I would go for less mesh and more support. Like Alibbo shoes on today's posts.

  • I have this problem (three different brands). I haven't taken any back, I just keep using them, but it seems entirely reasonable to return them. It's holes coming in the sides (next to my big toe joint) which do make me wonder whether the shoe is continuing to give me what I need (all mine are minimalist, I fall over in the shoes a lot of folk wear (and I did try)

    The only shoes I have where this has not happened are my Vivobarefoot Trails. Neos I think.

  • My New Balance split where my big toe joint happens.  There's a thin plastic decorative bit glues on - I say decorative because I can't see any structural reason for it.  My Brooks never had this, but they were a much more solid shoe.  Sadly, by the time I tried to take these back (125k), wretched Sports Direct had taken over Sweatshop and they were no longer doing the good return policy.

  • Thank you everyone for your advice and encouragement. I took the shoes back today and the shop was fab - agreed they weren't fit for purpose and got a full refund. I got a new pair with stronger cover over the toe area. Sadly full price - the originals were half price- so had to pay quite a lot !  Looking forward to my sore calf recovering then I can try running again! 

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