Advice please!

Soooo... got to wk7r2 but i may need to put it on hold...

my bloke has broken his leg which means i cover all things that requires "legs". Ie our 7 dogs!

I sometimes take a few with me but it means i can't fully concentrate on the run!(Dogs off to investigate stuff along the way) i do 4 dog walks/dog jogs covering about 6k a day plus ive been on the prog every other day. Im struggling!

Ive toned up and lost weight but feel completely knackered!

Would it be ok to stop where i am on the prog until bloke Is ok? Probably another 4 weeks..... i think id double back to wk 5 or something...

any advice from people who have had to put their prog on hold?

Stupid i know but im gutted and feel disheartened that ive got this far and now may have to shelve it for a bit.

thanks in advance for sharing!


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  • Your 4 dog jogs a day sound fairly intense already. When you can find time for the programme again, it would be worth giving w7 a go and only go back if it is too much of a struggle.

    You'd be surprised how well you'll keep your fitness level if your doing more than your share of the dog exercise. It was very inconsiderate of your bloke, but think how much fitter your dogs will be with their dog jogs, instead of walks!โ˜บ

  • Yes they are getting fitter! It shocked me actually that the bigger dogs couldn't all keep up! So thanks for the encouragement. Im gonna keep dog jogging till he is healed and then back to it!

  • .....after missing just 1 session I'm not happy!.... i think im gonna carry on! For me!

  • I'd try to continue with the dogs as well. You've come this far and it would be a real pain to have to stop now

  • I make you right!

    Im taking 35 mins of me time first thing tm!

  • With all those dogs, I'm surprised you have the energy left for running even when your man is fit! Take a break from the running - it'll still be there when your chap recovers, and your fitness levels won't dip if you're doing everything now!

  • Well ....after missing one sesh im disappointed with myself! So im back to it tm mornin!

    Thanks for the support. .. love this place!

  • It's hard to run properly with dogs as it's all fits and starts. Still, it's good exercise and should hold you in good stead for when you're ready to re-start the programme.

    Mind you, I have to say that you might shortly welcome the escape to freedom that C25k offers from all things domestic, eg the ironing pile, sink full of pots, husband demanding you scratch his leg with a knitting needle etc. Fetching and carrying after him might pall after a week and you'll be clamouring to get your running shoes on and getting out on your own. I say this as looking after my old man when he hurt his back nearly drove me mad. I swear I'd just get back down the stairs when he'd remember his hot water bottle needed refilling, his pillows needed plumping, blah blah blah.

    I wouldn't mind but had I ever been ill in bed it would be every woman for herself. Sigh

  • Its been long enough. ... already. (!! )

    jeez who knew a bruk leg affects all other limbs too?!?

    Trainers back on tomorrow sister! Im outta here!

  • Sounds like you will be very busy over the next little while. Is there any way you could set aside even one hour a week just to do your own running? That way maybe you could maintain yourself at week 7 and keep up your motivation?

    I admire your dog walking. I only have two and sometimes that feels like a lot.

  • Agh once you get past 5 its just extra paw prints!

    Im back on it tomorrow!

    I was feeling such a sense of accomplishment and after 1 missed run im not happy!

    I will graduate... 1 session late!

  • Enjoy yourself kelly. Make the most of your time off nurse duties

  • I'd suggest trying to find half an hour to go for your run without all those paws tangling up and tripping you, even if you have to get up half an hour earlier... sounds like you'll deserve a little time for yourself after all that work...

  • The trainers are on! Yes ....a little 5k me time is about to be had!

  • Wooooo hoooo!

    Done my 5k solo and then took the dogs! Im much more content now!!!

    THANKS ALL for the messages! X

    happy running one and all!

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