Couch to 5K

Jumped off! Some advice please :(

Hello lovely people!

My name is Mide and ive been very sercetly stalking you people ( im really sorry lol) for a while :)

Some background info-

Ive always hated running for as long as i remember- i think coming last in cross country in year seven may have something to do with it (oops!)

But maybe reaching my twenties I wanted to find the cheapest way to keep myself healthy :) and the couch to 5k was great!

Anyway, i think im doing well with the couch to 5k- im on week 5. But im stuck on week 5 :( i became ill ( stomach bug plus flu) and I couldnt leave the house. My legs wouldnt let me... and it would be worse for me! And then when i did recover- christmas work parties and other commitments meant I couldnt have an evening to run.

Long story short ( sorry i ramble!) I stopped at week 5 day 2 for more than two weeks, which day do I start from- or how do I start again?

Many Thanks :) xx

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Just start at the beginning of week 5 again and see how it goes. You can always drop back a week if it seems too hard.

Don't know why you think running is cheap! - we all seem to end up spending a fortune on running paraphernalia!

Good luck.

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Thank you for your answer! :)

Ill try not to give up!

Lol, i think in my mind I thought pavement = free but you are so right- i need to buy new running shoes :(

ah well!



New running shoes? You won't stop there! Beanies, gloves, that gorgeous green top you have to have because you simply don't have a thing to run in, garmin........... The list is endless!


Hi Mide,

Welcome to the forum. I'm sure you'll get all the support and advice you need here, it's the friendliest forum in the world! Tell us what you're doing, 'cause we're all nosey!


Hello Mide, welcome and really well done for getting this far. I agree with Ullyrunner's advice. Just try W5R1 and see how you do.

And yes, running is supposed to be a cheap sport but it's cost me a fortune because my passion is now running clothes instead of handbags, shoes, etc!

Good luck, keep posting and let us know how you're getting on.


Yep I agree with the others, start wk 5 over again :) Welcome :D


Hi and Welcome :-) You are definitely in the right place, this forum is really friendly and supportive.

Deep breaths, keep calm, slow and steady is the way. You can do it ! :-) xxx


Sorry you've been ill but well done on getting to week 5. I agree... start at the beginning of week 5 and see how you feel with it. Good luck and keep us posted x


Hey, I'm in a similar position having lapsed over Christmas and will be starting back on Monday with W5R1.

I was considering going back to W4 and repeating the last run but I've decided I am just going to see how I feel when I get my trainers on and am leaving the house!!

I've invested in a new pair of trainers to motivate me, as the price of my high vis jacket did when the winter months came although Ully you did make me laugh as I am always telling people running is free but you're so right, I've probably spent £150 on clobber and I've not even managed 5K yet haha :-) But I love it so it's worth it x


Dear everyone,

Thanks for replying, you guys aren't so scary after all! :)

....Is it really bad I spent most of my christmas money for running gear? Cheap?? I must have been drinking mulled wine when I wrote that lol!

I did repeated week five, run one tonight, and I feel great! Thanks soo much for the advice!

I think ill stick around :)

Mide xx


Yay, Fab stuff Mide, yep I don't know why we don't all get our wages paid directly to Sports Direct !

I nearly have more running clothes now than any other type of clothing :-)

And no, were not scary, well not really, well I might be a little bit when I haven't had my dinner .

Great work- keep going ! :-) xxx


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