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Another great side effect of running!

Apparently running is great for our skin! I read this article recently which says'

"Step away from the Botox. A US study found that after a group of sedentary over 65's worked out for 30 minutes twice a week for three months, their skin looked similar to that of 20-40 year olds. " Exercise releases myokines - messengers that tell your skin to behave younger" says cosmetic dermatologist. In the study people ran or cycled at 65% of their maximum".

I'm not over 65. I wonder if it works for younger folks?

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This is very good news IP. Liking the sound of those my-ok-iness. Not over 60 just yet but Hubby remarked this evening that my skin was looking more 'rustic'. Probably meant like a shed-dwelling welder's mit.


Ha ha. How very dare he! Were you in touching distance when he uttered those immortal words? Hmm thought not! Cheeky feck im!

I read something along those lines as well so keep peering closely at my much-lined fizog with a critical eye but have seen no improvements at all. Sigh.


I took my specs off and saw I have the face of a 18 year old!


Ha ha...I do that sometimes. It's a real boost, until the specs go back on !


Oh indeed. My native near sightedness and my old age loss of vision are converging so that even the ever shrinking 'sweet spot' of glasses free vision is in soft focus. i look great when I am getting dressed, but once I have the glasses on. :(


When encouraged, most earnestly (!) , to explain 'rustic' fondest hubcap explained it was that I didn't look so white and pasty-faced since I stopped being an office mole.

I suppose it was his navigation and cracking cookery skills that hooked me and not any particular talent for ego smoothing, but frankly, when everything else is going wrinkly a bit of smoothing in any area is welcome!

The future is wrinkle-free mirrors.


Not sure if I have noticed a difference ( I am a kick in the backside off 57) but I am away upstairs to have a good look!


Well my skin's marvelous providing I don't remove the sellotape holding it tucked up under my hair!


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