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Hi All, before I started Couch25K, the only exercise I ever did was resistance/weight training. I loved that but after having my baby, funds and time didn't permit for me to continue training with my previous trainer. In the meantime someone referred me to a site where you can get personal trainers to come to your home and train you, at a cost much less than a gym PT (as they dont have to pay rent etc). I met the PT in my local area and liked her but.....she was quoting a price higher than the listed one in the website but then explained the deal in a way that it would be in my budget. Later on she changed the quote further. The final quote was still wayyyy better monetarily than a gym PT. No doubt about it. But for some reason, I felt really bad and violated at them not being upfront about the prices. I heard that other trainers from that site quote higher prices as well and most people haggle with them. I personally find haggling very draining and felt really bad at the prices being changed and old information being denied! As a result I decided to do less sessions of shorter duration but still go back to my gym PT. He is more expensive but at least upfront about it and compromises with time and deals.

I may be overreacting to the situation but I have no idea why I felt so bad. But anyway, I thought I would still share this in case you do want to go for the work out at home option for resistance training to add to couch 25k. The concept is amazing but just look out for the prices being diff to what is mentioned in the site.


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  • Advertising one price and then changing it when you meet the clint is unethical and borderline illegal. No wonder that you're upset about it. Does the site you use have some sort of management / oversight? If so, you should report the lady to them and say she doesn't follow the price shown on the website (chances are they are being paid a percentage of the income they refer to her, so by advertising low and charging high she is breaking her contract with them).

  • Thanks Tomas. Glad to know my reaction is not strange. I called their management number and they said PTs are free to charge what they want; having said that- they did add that PTs should update their profile prices in the website and they will remind all of them to. Maybe they are being paid a flat rate rent for the site rather than by percentage. This is a shame because the concept is great! perfect for new moms esp. Hope they manage to sort out their act.

  • I would suggest contacting a local PT that has their own website. I use a pt instructor that runs my local boot camps, did the block of boot camps for several weeks, decided I liked the way they teach and felt comfortable working with them, so asked about getting some 1-2-1 sessions at home. Brilliant, worked me really hard and was all focussed on my own personal goals.

  • Thank you Sue. That's a great suggestion. Will check that out. :-)

  • I would have felt the same if they weren't up front. I don't like being taken for a mug, I think you made the right decision x :-)

  • Thanks no-excuse.

  • Then again you could stick with the priceless (but free) Laura from NHS C25K and do the NHS Strength and Flexibility podcast programme with her too.

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