Couch to 5K

Glad I left my trainers at home !!!!!!

Just want to say thank you to all who encouraged me to buy spare trainers and do my runs for this week

I started at 5:25 and as I was running along the beach it just felt great and I was glad to be alive

Thank you all for encouraging me to get that feeling

I am glad I left my trainers at home as the spare I brought from tesco are covered in sand so that worked out for the best

Thank you all again that's week8 run 2 done so here's hoping next Friday will see the completion of this course

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What a brilliant idea, a cheapie pair from Tesco, see you can tell your a man, a women would have gone for gait analysis, bought expensive shoes, plus socks and a few cheeky tops and maybe a bra and totally justified it , a man grabs some cheapie trainers and still gets a good run , so happy for you. I missed my run this am, ( see my post ) but I may try and run along Perranporth beach later as we are going there


Oh so true

My wife would need the whole ensemble

Best of luck on run later


Yes grannyjudes is right , I would have headed for the nearest sweatshop & used it as a excuse to kit my self out big time . Sounds like the perfect run & hope there's more to follow . Happy running


Well done and good luck for next week will look out for your graduation post :)

And GrannyJude you are so luck Perranporth is one of my favorite places went there on holiday years ago and felt like I left a part of me there


I am lucky, I live in Camborne in a icky little cottage near all the beaches


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