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Just back from my first time doing Laura's Speed podcast. I have to say I didn't find it particularly difficult and I finished it half way round my short route. (I only have 2, one short, one longer) I had thought it would take me closer to home, so I ended up with quite a long walk the rest of the way. My question is would it be ok to continue running for a bit longer or would that be to risk over doing it?


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8 Replies

  • Just keep running home at an easy slow pace :) - it is not much more demanding than a brisk walk anyway :)

  • You can keep running at a nice easy pace. Your challenge will be to run fast enough in the fast intervals to get a little bit further round next time! ;)

    Or find a shorter route. I like this podcast because it's short and sweet :)

  • OK, I'll try that next time, I thought that would be the answer... I suppose I should wait and see how I feel tomorrow!

  • I have done it twice now and both times have ended up finishing the run about a mile away from home, so have had to jog back.

    I keep pushing too fast though with both the speed and recovery runs, so need to slow down the pace.

    I seem to take the term 'Speed' far too literally - it doesn't mean run the whole thing hell for leather!

  • I'm going to try the stamina one next time, that's a bit longer - looking forward to it!

  • Thanks for this post Curly, I like the sound of short (though I suspect your 'short' is probably my 'long') and you have inspired me to have a go at this one.

    I tried the stepping stone and just could not match the rhythm of Laura's top tunes at all so the whole thing was an odd and frustrating effort. Kept having to slow my pace to match the beat which meant taking longer, slower strides. I suppose that was the idea, but it was by far the most difficult run I have done over the last 11 weeks or so.

  • It finds your legs for you doesn't it! They catch you out. The speed one seems tame at first but you soon get tired. I love these podcasts and I run them when they crop up on my mp3 player. I ran a session of Bridge to 10 k the other day too. Love em.

    Well done Curly. Stick with them and you'll feel the benefits. Run/walk home but don't go mad!

  • Slookie, there are really only two routes here, the short one is about 5K including warm up/cool down, so running about 3.8, the longer one is 7K running about 5.5. I live at the top of a steep hill, so start running when I get to the bottom. The Speed podcast has 6 sections of 1 minute running, the whole thing is less than half an hour. I did feel a bit unco-ordinated ... today I can certainly feel that I have done something!

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