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Week 9 r3

Well iv done it, and finished the run in Nashville on a treadmill in our hotel , I never thought I would actually bring my running stuff on holiday ...what's happened to me !!

So proud that I actually stuck to the programme . Found the running on a treadmill a bit boring , think I prefer the outdoors . Anyway thanks to you all for your encouragement , just applied for my badge , think thus calls for a celebration !

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That' awesome. Well done!


Oh well done Danny - and quite a location for your graduation run! I hope you feel very proud and celebrate in style.

Lots of running adventures ahead of you now.


Well done and there's that badge already, taking running stuff on holiday, now there's a thought that I never thought would enter my head!


Whooooo! You got your badge!! Well done you!!!! Fantastic!!!


Fantastic Danny. Well done. Love the badge.


Whoa Danny, that's what you call graduating in style, Nashville, Tennessee the home of country music eh ?

Were you singing " Take me home Country Roads " at the same time ?:-)

Many congratulations to you, and well done for taking your running gear with you, now that is dedication to the cause.

Enjoy the rest of your holiday, oh and have a little drink to celebrate, you are on your holidays after all .

Cheers ! xxx :-D xxx


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