New here!

Just found this board! I just did W2D1 last night. Covered 2.42 mi and felt pretty decent. I get discouraged because I'm so slow (my sister in law is a very fast walker and can walk faster than I can "run" I'm pretty sure), but I'm determined to keep going. I made it 7 or 8 weeks into C25k last summer before finding out I was pregnant. It was still so difficult for me that I quit for my baby's safety. My baby is 5 mo. Old now, so I figure it is time to get back at it! Looking forward to where I'll be in 8 weeks or so! I lost 14 lbs doing C25k before, in addition to doing My Fitness Pal. I've still got 20 or so lbs to go, but I'm 7 lbs down from where I was in May '13, and I've had a baby since then!! Just looking to introduce myself and get support!


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  • Welcome to the gang. Good luck - you sound very focussed!

  • Welcome MrsKatir to this great club! Well done in starting and for getting to week 2 especially with a wee one to look after!

    You know what to expect as you've done most of the programme before. Forget about speed. This is about building up your stamina. Just enjoy this fabulous journey and keep posting!

  • Welcome mrs K You'll get lots of support and advice here. Just listen to Laura and go slow and steady and you'll be fine. Oh by the way don't worry about speed - some weeks I felt I was going backwards I was so slow .

  • Hello (waves)

    No need for speed. Just dogged determination to finish the run. Slow is the new fast!

    Have fun! I should think getting out for a run will be quite liberating for you. That's unless you have to run with baby strapped to you, or in the pushchair.

    As long as you don't over-compensate food wise you should find the weight comes off quite quickly. You need to eat healthily to sustain your running legs though

    Let us know how you get on. There's always someone here to help you if you find you're flagging

  • Thanks for the encouragement! I'm not having to run with my son, which makes it nice. I run one evening a week (Monday), I do work out DVDs on Tues and Thurs while the baby sleeps, and my husband is off on Fridays and Saturdays so I run in the morning those days. I do have to run 2 consecutive days that way, but it works for me! Wed and Sun are my rest days. Looking forward to getting fit and hit my weight goal for the first time in probably 9 or so years!

  • I did just realize that from your dialect, most of you must be European? Lol I'm from the US and just stumbled upon this forum online. Hopefully, I don't get bogged down in words that we don't use here/ metric measurements (I'm not very versed in the metric system!). Isn't it so interestING how the English language can vary so much by region! Anyway, hopefully it doesn't matter where I'm from and we can just support each other! :-)

  • Nah -- most of them here are British !! :) and there are some of us Aussies here too!

  • I started to wonder after someone said "pushcart"! Lol We call them strollers here! :-)

  • I'm sorry, it was "pushchair" :-)

  • Welcome to the forum.

    Nationality or location has no relevance in this forum, everyone is welcome!

    What matters is your willingness to run.

    It is always nice to catch up with runners from other parts of the world.

    Personally, I am french and live in Sweden.... and I run!

    Good luck with the program, and keep us posted!

  • Everything in life is relative -- so relatively speaking you will always be slow -- as we all be -- when compared to this man -- who holds the World record for the 5K at 12 minutes 37:35 seconds.

    So - keeping that in mind, just run and forget how slow you are - we all are!!! :)

  • Awesome stat Bazza. Love it :)

  • Thanks!

  • Hi there MrsK, pleased to meet you! We can always translate our weird language for you, just yell! Mostly here you'll hear us talking about kilometers, one mile = 1.6KM. BaldyBoy (my other half) describes the English and the Americans as two peoples divided by a common language...

  • His description does seem quite accurate! Lol It's neat to have many countries represented here!

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