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Running after a break - But hadn't completed C25K


Hello everyone,

I've found lots of posts about running after a break on the forum, but most posters have finished the C25K plan and ended up having a break so had a certain level of fitness.

I've just had a 5 week break from running, was something unavoidable but I know we're here to encourage any way.

As a background I used to be a 10k runner but injury and sometimes disillusionment meant I didn't run for about 3 years. I started again this year from scratch and got to week 6 - run 2 but have now had a 5 week break.

Has anyone had a similar hiatus having not completed the course, and could you advise where I need to pick up again? I was thinking of trying week 3, but fear I may need to go further back.

Thanks in advance for any replies.

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I'm sorry I haven't got a clue - but I'm looking forward to seeing the responses...


I'd got to the beginning of week 5 when I wrecked my achilles tendon and had to take a break of a couple of months. Started all the way back at the beginning and got to the middle(?) of week 5 and the same sort of thing happened again, other leg that time though not so bad. That time I started at the beginning of week 3 after a month off. I'm now - finally - two runs away from graduating.

I'd actually say week 3 is probably a good place to start. If things start hurting you can go back to the beginning. OTOH, if you don't have any problems on the first 2 runs you could possibly skip ahead to Week 4. Main thing is to listen to your body and don't push too hard.

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I'm agree with Maddee on this. I think try week three but listen to your body as you go. Good luck.


Why not do week 1 run 1 first. If that feels okay then go on to week 2 run 1. Likewise, if that feels okay then move on to week 3 run1 and so on until you find the level that challenges you.

Good luck!

I had started the programme in August and completed Week 8 Run 3 the day before I had to go into hospital for breast surgery. I had a few days off altogether and then did a 5k walk every day as I felt so frustrated at being trapped at home unable to run (it's weird the way it gets to you). Then when my consultant said I could run again (about 2 weeks after the op) I went back to week 1 just to test the waters. Although my legs and breathing were up for a run, my chest was extremely painful, but with the help of an uber high impact foundation garment from M&S on top of my regular sports bra, I decided to go back through all the runs in the programme. 9 weeks later I graduated and my 5k time is good. 4 days later I did my first park run and finished at 27.52. So it was worth me building up again from the start.

It might be different for you, and you may be able to condense some of the weeks, or start at a later week. Good luck whatever you decide.

Hello Everyone,

Thanks so much for taking the time to reply to me. There have been some fab suggestions to aid my dilemma. I have to say I realise now that we all fall out of training for many reasons, injuries, illness and personal trials and tribulations.

I have graduated before and shall again I'm sure. I'm going to try week three run 1, however I think it could be a bit much. If I start to struggle to the point it's unbearable I shall revert to the other suggestions of starting again from scratch and see where I settle in the running scheme.

Razouski you are incredible, literally so moved by your response. I have to say getting out and feeling free is the best medicine, but uber congrats that you went out again so soon.

Maddee, thanks for making it seem like a possibility, feel I may end up back at the start, and there is no shame in that. Run day is Saturday so I'll let you all know how I get on :-|

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