A heavy legged 5K

What a frightful day! And it being Valentines too! I certainly didn't want to venture outside cos it looked horrible, but I did - and decided to run a 5K. I've given up listening to the stat announcements now as I know I can do it in under 30 minutes if I push hard, so with Endomondo on my pocket (set to "silent") off I went.

GOD IT WAS SOOOOO COLD!! After the warm up walk I set off and was pleased that the aches and pains from my left leg seem to have disappeared. Perhaps the calf drop exercises on teh bathroom step have helped after all! The rain was spitter spattering, not exactly Pi***ng it down but the main thing to contend with was the wind. And I'm not talking about what happens when you eat twelve tins of beans either - I mean the strong gusts that blew straight at me, making each step a real challenge!

I got to Richmond Bridge which is 2K away from me and I headed over it battling against the wind and rain. I wasn't going fast - in fact I was going about as fast as a brisk walking pace really. Anyway, I made it over the bridge, took the steps down to the river and ran along the path towards Old Deer Park. I passed the homeless chap that sits by the railway bridge with all his belongings attached to his bike and wondered how on Earth he survives in this weather. A few runners passed by and a few dog walkers but that was it really. I reached the park and headed across it - this was the 3K mark and my legs started to feel sooooooooo heavy. Dammit! I plodded on feeling about 30 stone in weight and puffing and blowing like a rhino having sex. I had to stop for a walk.

Eventually I made it to the home stretch and amazingly I didn't conk out! I still had enough steam to complete my warm down walk and made it thru the front door in one piece.

I gave my legs the once over on my big pink foam roller before I showered. That should sort them out I thought.

So until the next instalment of "What Dan did in Public" it's goodbye from me. And goodbye from him!



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15 Replies

  • What's this pink roller thingy? Another great post Dan.

  • Hi thinlizzy. It's this - ebay.co.uk/bhp/foam-roller-... and it's brilliant for massaging your legs after a run. I ordered a manly blue one......but got sent a big girlie pink one!! Does the job though.

  • I bought a similar one the other day and my goodness it is AMAZING. I have had crunchy, knotty, painful muscles for so long now due to my old job, and a long-term problem with my jaw joint on one side. I have been rolling around on my living room floor groaning at least once daily since I got it as it's like having a deep tissue massage, only better! Feeling the benefits already - my shoulders are way less noisy than they were and I no longer have a permanent crick in my neck :D

  • Well done dan for battling the elements & completing the run .

  • Cheers Rockette.

  • Well done... I'm sure the rhino enjoyed it too ;)

  • She did....

  • Heehee! Rhino image enough to put me off my tea, Dan! Well done for battling the elements. I chickened out when I saw the weather!

  • Impressed you went out in what sounds like horrific weather! Hope the pink roller thingy has you legs feeling feather light again soon !

  • Well done for getting out there, this weather is really getting BORING now! Good for you for getting through what sounds like a hard run. Yes, i would like to know about foam rollers too,is it good for warm down exercises? Really enjoy reading your posts, look forward to the next"What Dan did in Public" with interest! Feeling a bit sad as my first attempt at Park run will have to be put off til next week, its been posted as cancelled tomorrow due to the very high winds down here : ( I was looking forward to giving it a try... May have to start my W7R1 instead !

  • Hi aliboo - check this out menshealth.co.uk/fitness/sp...

  • Thanks dan!

  • Goodness I'd presumed the river paths in Richmond would all be under water. The Rhino brought about quite a vision. Well done for getting out there.

  • Actually Richmond and Twickers are ok river wise. Not far away though the Thames has caused massive disruption. This weather is just awful.

  • So you know about sex with a rhino - something you have not disclosed before...we expect to hear more.

    Well done for getting out there - it certainly is not easy conditions at the moment.

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