How the mighty are fallen! 😕

I was so chuffed to graduate a couple of weeks ago and, if I say so myself, quite cocky about it. So, off I went for another consolidation run. I waited an extra couple of days because it had been sooo hot! It was still fairly warm but I was missing running (never thought I'd say that!) Well, I got through the first 2k and was really running out of steam but, worst of all, a slight twinge in my knee turned quite painful. I just had to stop and hobble home. I have got a dicky hip the cause of which is currently under investigation but it's been there for years, certainly all the time I've been running, and not caused an issue until now. I've been told my my physio that my hip has very likely caused me to alter my gait hence putting strain on my knee. One thing I have never done is had a gait analysis which may show me I am wearing the wing shoes.

So, Injury Couch it is for me until the swelling has gone down. I'm so frustrated because I'm away in Exeter at the moment with time on my hands and perfect running conditions. We went out for to walk the dog last evening along the side of the canal and couldn't move for runners! I was so frustrated - it was a good job I was wearing flip-flops otherwise I may well have tried to tag along behind them! I deliberately left my running gear at home so I wouldn't be tempted too soon.

I'm really worried I'm going to lose the fitness I've worked so hard to build up. I'm going to try a spinning group on Friday. Hopefully it will be low impact on my knee but give me a good work out.

I hope it won't be long before I'm chugging round the lake again!


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12 Replies

  • I hope it won't too, but better less time off now than more time off later (ps I type that knowing my own impatience!).

  • Trust me. I have been there. More than once. Patience is key. Mind you, I think I may now be at the phase where mine is turning into gremlin land. Am planning to try a teeny weeny (honest!) one today. Good luck to you; there is so much anecdotal evidence on here that you really don't lose all your fitness with a rest break so take heart!

  • That's a bummer! But hang in there, you won't lose all that fitness, just accept that it's a bumpy road, you'll have some ups and downs, but when you're fit, off you go again.

  • Hope you're better soon LauraJW. I went for my first run yesterday after a month off with plantar fasciitis.

    Like you, I was worried about my fitness fading, but I was pleasantly surprised. I planned to just run until I was too knackered or my body said no, but I managed 4.77k, which was further than I expected after 4 weeks of very little activity.

    Be very patient, and very disciplined, and, you'll come back a better runner. :)

  • Good to see you back! Glad all is well :)

  • Thanks Oldfloss, and I hope you're well too- last time I was here, you were recovering from your bicycle mishap 🚳🚑🛀👍😢

  • I am good thanks.. no more cycle incidents.. been nettled a few times.:( but apart from that! Running well! :)

  • Spinning!?

  • Haha! Yes. I'm going with Anna - she insisted 😯 Low impact she says!!

  • Hi, that's really frustrating but I got injured/sick after I ran w8r3 so have had 4 weeks off running. I just want to do my week 9!!

    But anyway, I waited til my chest felt completely normal again and went out on Monday eve, I managed 20 minutes (but only 2.5k in that time, so super slow) but I hadn't lost as much fitness as I thought I would, I only had to stop as my chest felt tight again. I'm going out again this evening, aiming for the same, but I'm glad I didn't try and go out before I felt well at home (frustration aside) as I'm sure it would have put me back further in the programme and I'm hoping I'll be able to build back up to week 9 a little quicker. Rest well!

  • I do hope tonight's run goes well for you. It's a lot cooler, we'll it is here anyway, so that should help. Keep going!

  • Me too! Currently in the middle of 4-6 weeks off for tendon injury. I understand your disappointment. Every time I see a runner I feel sad that I can't get out there. I'm also worried about my fitness. But I suppose if I need to pull it back a bit and build up gradually again then I know I can. Terrified of going back too soon and doing more damage so I'm going to be patient until I know it's definitely 100% right. So sorry to hear it but at least you're not alone!

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