Poorly knee at least 2 more weeks off :(

Been to Physio today to find out what I have done to my knee. Apparently the cartilage has become slightly rough but it will get better, thank goodness. I have been consigned to the gym for a couple of weeks in order to do leg strengthening exercises plus walking on a treadmill. I am allowed to run for a very short period of time but I must listen to my body and if there is the slightest twinge I must stop. Although this is terribly frustrating at least I know I shall be able to run again soon. I was really worried that the Physio was going to give me bad news and end my running career before it has even really got going!! Never in a million years did I ever think I would miss running, so I am going to be very good and do exactly as I have been told to do to get my knee better. Happy running everyone :)


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7 Replies

  • What you have sounds very similar to my knee problem which is now more or less better after several weeks 'rest' plus strengthening exercises. I found a foam roller very helpful too, might be worth a try. :-)

  • Thanks Mitts - I shall try that :)

  • Thank goodness for that magstar. Worrying when folk carry on running on injuries, or don't get expert advice. At least you have the exercises to do now that will aid your recovery. It won't be long before you're out there in the open running your heart out again :-)


  • On the plus side my hips are on good condition for my age apparently! :)

  • Oh that's a real bonus! :-)

  • Better to take extra time off then to risk further injury. You will come back stronger and be a better runner because of it. Wise person to listen and take it easy, walk and do your exercises for now. My knees "crunch and crackle" when I bend them, drives the rest of the family nuts. ;-) I'm not sure if it is a cartilage problem, old age or just being out of shape. I wear a support on my worse knee when I run. Not sure if it helps, but mentally I am convinced it does. :-) Wishing you a speedy recovery! :-) Gayle

  • Thanks Gayle, I went to the gym today and walked on the treadmill and then went on the leg press to help build muscle around the knee. I was sore afterwards but in a strange sort of way it felt slighlty better. My knee clicks when I bend it and the physio said that it was the cartilage. I did ask about wearing a support but the physio said it was not necessary but if I felt more comfortable then to wear one. It is very strange not running 3 times a week and I feel as if I am being lazy, but hey I shall soon be out there getting ready for the 10k in May. :) Maggie

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