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W4R1...who'd have believed I could run for 5 mins?

....not me three weeks ago!! What a brilliant challenge! I usually do Monday, Wednesday & Friday runs, but couldn 't wait to get out there to see if the 3 & 5 minute runs were possible (think the addiction has set in). Great to see so many others ticking off the runs ahead of me, & the newbies starting out, all posting are a great help! Thanks & well done everyone :D

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Well Done Tikiczocky! I did W4R1 this morning too! I didn't think I'd get this far either several weeks ago! Starting to really enjoy my runs now, just trying to be careful and not pick up any injuries. Good luck with the rest of C25k :)


Hi Pauline. I know what you mean about injuries...trying to keep it steady & not overdo it..would be awful to be on the couch!! Well done with the W4 start...have a good week - see you at the other end!! :D


Hey, good for you! :)

The progress is brilliant on this program isn't it?

I did 20 minutes non-stop today, which is W5R3 - only a few runs from where you're at now.

Enjoy, and watch yourself get better by the day! :)


Hia Atomic. Thanks. Well done on your W5R3!! Whoop! I am almost looking forward to getting to the 20 minute run...dunno what's got into me!! Have a great W6! :-)


Ahh well done :) It is just so exciting to be ticking off those runs and you are doing so well. It definitely sounds like you have caught this running bug! Enjoy your running ;)


That 20 minute run is a great hurdle to get over. Enjoy the next runs x


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