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Laura's gonna be cross - I DID IT!!!!

Cycled to the park, eyeing up the crowds, said hi to a marshall and was directed to the first time runner's briefing. Stood at the back and soon dropped to last place, which I had expected, then caught up with another female runner, similar age and ability, so ran 5k park run with her. Finished 2 laps and smugly said bye to the marshall on the last corner who shook his head as my buddy laughed and said "oh no - it's THREE laps, not TWO"

GULP -panic, I'd only ever run 2. Somehow I kept going and even managed the obligatory sprint to the finish.

Yes I came in last at 45:36, runner 156, but I proved to myself that I can go the distance, all be it slowly. I've been wandering around in a kind of daze, smiling like an idiot, despite my aching legs.

What does week 8 & 9 have in store, should I continue, or just aim for 3x5 k a week and try to improve on my times?

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Wow - that's brilliant! I think if that had happened to me, finding out there was an extra lap, I'd have given up on the spot :O !

Good time for your first run, and before the end of c25k too. :) (Much faster than I was anyway!)

As to whether to do the week 8 and 9 runs - see how your legs feel - 45 minutes is a lot more than 30, so you might feel better to drop back a bit and consolidate 30 minutes for a while. (Also, you might find you progress faster like that too, and less chance of picking up an injury.)

I think I'd call my runs week 8 run 1... etc anyway, and count down to graduation - there's something rather good about knowing you've got right through the programme, and it does get your legs used to keeping going for a good while.

Enjoy your running, whatever you choose to do. :)


Wise words greenlegs, don't think my ankle and knees would welcome a repeat performance this week, resting up, stretching & icing today, seeing physio on Friday, so will knock it back for a few weeks, then try to do a couple of 5ks before RFL. Only problem is RFL definitely has a HILL, so think I might need to conquer that, although adrenaline will probably help.


Abso-blooming-lutely A M A Z I N G ! Continue grinning like a champion...not an idiot! What a fabulous experience - who gives a fig about placement in the field - you did it all and that's brilliant!

I'd go with Greenlegs' advice re the rest of the course - yep, get back to the programme and allow your body to get completely used to the longer runs without strain or injury. It'd be daft to fail to graduate now after such a brilliant outing today, with luck you'll find the last few runs a piece of cake, and you'll get the personal satisfaction of seeing the programme through from beginning to end. Enjoy the last few outings of C25K! Then start planning your post grad future :D Linda


Thanks, I think my legs probably need a break :) I'll ease back to week 8, seeing physio on Friday for advice/treatment, she may say rest up for a bit, low impact etc then carry on.


Wow - you've got some gumption missus - frankly I'm in awe. Bloomin' well done!


Ta, think I'm shocked as well ;)


way to go you, cycled there as well so a double well done. Rest if you need to, no point in pushing too hard and missing out on graduation.

There is nothing wrong in coming last, it is a run after all and not a race.

Good luck with the physio


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