Feeling too intimidated to enter 10 k I had planned :-(

Hi all, I had every intention of entering a local 10 k at the end of September but I think I'm getting cold feet. I've been reading the info about the race and it says that they generally expect people to finish at around 1 hr 40 ish.....this is never going to happen for me as it takes me between 40/50 minutes for 5k! Also, a neighbour of mine is doing it and recons she will do it in under 45 mins!! Roads will apparently be reopened after two hours and you will be asked to leave the race if you're not done. It also says they discourage walking breaks! It seems very strict and a bit scary! What should I do? Part of me thinks just do it but I don't want to look stupid!!


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  • Don't feel that way , your doing the training sod every one else ! Do it in your own time & by September I think you will be glad you did it . How long it takes shouldn't matter , do it at your own pace & enjoy it .

  • Thank you. I just have visions of being carted off in a vehicle of shame!

  • Hi emma, I reckon if you do 5k in 40/50 mins at the moment that you will be fine by the end of September to do the 10k. I assume you are increasing on your 5k at the moment? Just take it nice and steady. I did a parkrun on Saturday with walk breaks as an experiment, and got a PB, so, ok, they may discourage that but it goes to show that even if you slow your pace right down for a minute now and again you can still get round in the same time as if you ran at your usual pace all the way. Sounds like you will get round before 2 hours are up anyway. I wouldn't worry about what your neighbour does, just go along and enjoy it I am sure it will be loads of fun. I posted here a month or so ago about my first 10k race, I was so nervous about entering but it was a great race and the experience was well worth the nerves. Good luck with it, I am sure you will be awesome! ;-0 x

  • Thanks,yes I am trying to increase gradually. I think I just panicked as everyone I know doing it is a lot faster than me. Just worried about being last and showing myself up I suppose! Is it usual for a race to discourage walking?

  • If you do the first 5k in 40 minutes you've still got an hour to do the second. Even if it takes you the full 50 minutes to do the first 5k then you still have 50 minutes left for the second. And that's on current times, with the increase in distance your shorter runs should be a bit faster. (If you know you can run 7k then you know there's extra left after 5k so on a shorter run you can run the 5k faster without totally exhausting yourself, in theory. The opposite is also true, if you know you can run 5k at a certain pace then you should also be able to run further if you drop the pace slightly.)

    You have 2 months to get used to running longer distances, you should be able to do it, easily! We have faith in you!

  • Is there a contact for the run so you could tell them your concerns? It sounds to me like you will be fine from what you've written but perhaps hearing from them might make you feel reassured.

    I have come across the walking discouragement before but always in the context that it's not a 'Race for Life' type event (those are usually off-road) and they don't want people entering, not training and then walking the whole thing as the roads need reopening. Certainly doesn't sound like the case with you.

  • I think this "no walking" rule is to stop it becoming a RFL type scenario. It's a race so they want runners. I think it discourages those they see as less serious runners

    I don't see how they can stop folks walking so I wouldn't worry. If you need to take a breather you can!

    I would DO IT! I know you have cold feet but if you don't do the darned thing you will never forgive yourself for not having tried. We work ourselves up into all sorts of states about such things and they are never as bad as we build them up to be.

    You have some time to get yourself a training timetable sorted out. I like the Asics ones, and Bupa do them as well. They are free and very, very good. I used the Asics one for my ten mile race and was so glad I did. It projects your finish time from what you can already do. It's on myasics.co.uk (or com)

  • Hi EL, I'm not a great person for advice when it comes to running races cos I don't do then due to not being comfortable with crowds. However when I first did C25K my best time for 5K was 42 minutes. I started doing parkruns which in those days were only about 60-70 runners (cope able for me). I reduced my 5K time and at the same time extended my distance. So within 4 months I had 5K down to 31 minutes and had reached 10K in 1:06:27 PB. Now if I can do a time like that in my 60's you will easily manage to work away and get your 10K time to within 1:30:00 which will be well within your maximum time scale. If your not good at steep hills walk them, you will probably save time doing that and also save loads of energy too. I wish you loads of luck, keep up the training and enjoy yourself. As for your neighbour she must be some athlete doing times like that but we are not all the same and I just hate her ;) (only joking of course) Let us know how your training is coming along :)

  • I would say do it just for the experience of having done it, if nothing else. Timewise, just go at your own pace. You would make it round in under 2 hours even if you walked the whole thing so don't worry about the cutoff time.

    I have my first 10k booked for September too, having only finished the 5k programme a couple of weeks ago and being on the injury bench with sore knee at the moment. I hope to get back to training next week though, and my focus will be on keeping my speed right down so I can train with a lower heartrate and increase my endurance, not pace.

  • I have my 10km run booked for October and only just completed 5km! I think, like everyone else, you should do your run and you will be great. I know it seems like you won't be ready and I understand you don't want to be ages after everyone else however I don't think you will be. Even if you look at it as 2 5km races you will be well in under 2 hours. Good luck with continuing training

  • You will both be AWESOME at 10K... do it.. :)

  • You'd be able to walk a 10K in around 2 hours I reckon (12 min/km) so I wouldn't worry too much. I think it's probably only as they have to negotiate road closures and the like and not an "running elite" thing... although I can understand why it'd make you nervous...

    Can you check the results from the last year's race? That'll give you some idea of the pace of the pack at least...

  • That's a good point, think I was being a bit blonde as if I multiplied my 5k time by two that would be a rough estimate of my time! I've noticed that my speed improves on runs if I throw in a few very short walk breaks, so...what the heck -will enter on pay day!

  • EM80 - do not be put off by what people are saying, why do you think you will get sooooo much slower over the second half of the run - when I did my 10K I said I wanted to do it in 1hr 15 as my 5k was 36.5 mins and I came in at 1.14.29 so almost exactly same pace as my 5K. You would definitely crack 1hr 40 even if you ran at 50mins per 5K. Go for it - you will be so happy when you have done it.

  • I can't really add a lot to the excellent advice above, but I say.... GO FOR IT! go at your own pace and try not to worry. Very likely there will be others at your pace too, so go for it! You'll be glad you did!

  • My question to you is -- why this particular race.?? There are races - and there are "races". I intend to only go in "races" My definition of "races" are those that call themselves "funruns".

  • Good point. My "race" is described as "it's all fun, you can run, jog or walk..." :) Thankfully! :)

  • It sounds like you will be absolutely fine, but only you can decide what to do. However, given the mental challenge that is running, I think it would be sad to be put off by some scary words on a website when you've achieved so much! Just my tuppence worth. Good luck, whatever you decide!

  • You'll also find that you tend to run a bit faster in a crowd. I think you'll be fine. Go for it!

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