Graduated!! Can it be??

Just here to check in and say that yesterday I completed the C25K program and my final run actually felt quite easy - definitely made me feel capable of moving on to more challenges. But getting here wasn't easy - my path was complicated by injuries and inflammations which caused me to abandon the program twice in the past. There was an explanation for that. 18 months ago I was diagnosed with Ankylosing Spondilitis. Prior to that I was diagnosed with Ulcarative Colitis (the two often manifesting together). Before that I ws diagnosed with epilepsy - all this in the space of about 5 years. In addition to this I had 2 surgeries to fix two separate spontaneous pneumothoraxes leading to weeks of recovery each time. My own GP described me as "unusually unfortunate" which made me think, considering it came from a guy who makes his living from the unfortunate! There is a point to this dribbling - if you are finding the program challenging please don't give up. It really is designed to be achievable and the greatest challenge with this program really is in the mind - I have seen that most clearly in my own experience. Keep following the program, keep your chin up (literally!), obey the rest days and respect any aches and pains - your body will tell you if you are doing something wrong or too much (knee pain can and will put you out for a couple of weeks if it wants to!) .... and you will complete this and be setting your sights on half marathons in no time. I thought I would never be able to run - I couldn't do it when I was 15 and in perfect health - and I'm doing it religiously now, at 35 and full of imunosuppressants! Good luck all!

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  • Fantastic post Goran and well done on graduating. I find exercise helps with Crohns. This programme is superb when you think of all the dedicated runners getting fitter.

    Good luck and don't forget to celebrate your awesome achievement

  • Fantastic news and what an inspirational post. A massive well done to you and I take my hat off to you for overcoming all that has been put in your way. It certainly sounds like you've had a very rough few years so really, really well done. Good luck in the future ;)

  • Goodness, you've had it tough - amazingly well done! I suffer from MS and depression, and I have found running makes a HUGE difference to how I feel. No more black dog for me, and my body is starting to feel a little more toned and spritely than it has for years. Come on!

  • Oh congratulations on graduating Goran! A real triumph over adversity. I hope you go on to enjoy your future running adventures.

  • A fantastic achievement, very well done. Think I need to stop whinging about niggles and be thankful for the health I've got. Is that a hint that you've set your sights on a HM? Enjoy your running, whatever it leads to :)

  • Hey, that's amazing. Very well done you. Let us know how you HM training goes..

  • Oh wow , well done you :)

  • Thank you all! Feeling even better about it now! I'm glad to hear running is making a dufference to your health useitorloseit and GettingFitter. I gather that autoimmune conditions and depression are both helped by increased fitness and has been a significant driver for me. runningnearbeirut, yes I am considering although i think tis one belongs to the "nuts" category. It is the Hvar Half Marathon and I hope a year of training will be sufficient to complete it.

  • Well done on graduating, it sounds like you've had a load to contend with over the years. Hats off to you buddy- a great achievement! Carry on enjoying your running X :-D

  • Well done you, Congratulations :) It sounds like you have had a rough few years and yet you have kept going when you could ... you are amazing Goran, Happy Running !!!

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