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Xmas Quest Week Five

Hi there and welcome to week five.

We have some great news regarding the quest this week. I am so happy to announce that the reason for me getting the administrators badge was to help keep the quest going. They were looking for something for the graduates and because everyone here, has made this so popular they would like to keep it going. So thank you all for making this happen.

So we will definitely be doing another quest after this one. I will keep with the six week length. The reason for the strange amount of time is they recommend you shake your exercise program up every six weeks so we are trying to fit in with that. Obviously everyone will have their own personal goals and it will be a case of whatever fits in with your own abilities.

We are now week five so I hope your are all doing well. I know there are a lots of cold and flu bugs around at the moment so remember to be kind to yourself if you have been hit by it, there will always be another quest.

You can still join even if it's only for the next two weeks we are all about being all inclusive.

Please bear with me if I make any mistakes as I am not used to doing this sort of thing.













































Oh and me realfoodieclub.

Good luck everybody and happy running.

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Well I thought I would start off this weeks catch up. I am back feeling like I am getting there with my running. Which is a very good job as I have now officially signed up for the Tri together beginners triathlon 2014 so roll on august 2014. My iron levels are still making it hard but I am working at a sort of interval training program. I am doing everything I can not to lose anything I have gained from the program so I don't mind if I stay static but I must not go backwards. I will not have time to do the program again as I have a lots of fitness to find before august. So a due to medical reasons not on track for 5k park run but keeping on track for my long term goal.


Well done rfc, it sounds like you've had some challenges healthwise but it's really good you're doing what you can. Thanks for administering the quest, I'm sure you'll get your goal long term. :-) Oh and congrats on becoming an admin!


I think you are fab... Your determination is an inspiration.. Well done!!!


My aim was a sub 22 min 5km and was at 23 mins at the beginning of the 6 weeks. I have now reached 22:28 and will work hard at beating my PB and closing in on a sub 22 min time, however it may be difficult to shave the extra 30 seconds off. I will keep plugging away though!


Tick for parkrun this week, really enjoyed it and even did a little sprint finish!


Completed first parkrun on saturday, time of 41:13, so some way off my hoped for sub 38 minutes by 14 december. Still its something to aim, even if its not achieved.


Have just completed week 4 of the bridge to 10k programme I'm following.

Week 5 builds up to the "biggie" of running for 60 minutes, so that's where I should be this time next week. Am aiming to finish the quest on a high with a run down on the sea front on the morning of the 14th, and that will hopefully be close to 10km - or maybe I'll be so motivated that I'll just keep going until I get there.


Running - is up to 11k - so half a k off the 7 mile target. Feels doable.

30min 5k - so far away as a target I need binoculars

weight loss - going in the right direction - but not as much as I planned. Ho hum.

So looking fwd to another good week. Busy at work- not much time for running.


I beat my parkrun PB.. 29.11 and I did an 18k yesterday which was incredibly wonderful as it was with my lad Leon and my amazing friend Wendy on her bike. Leon carried on and did a HM... He's incredible at 12... We bought a packet of ransoms at Spar on the way which really gave us the oomph to complete...


Like Markee, I did my first parkrun - 36:32 which I'm over the moon with. I had to walk for bits of it, and had to be motivated up the final slope by one of the volunteers but I'm still buzzing today. I really enjoyed it and can't wait to go again.

The other night, I decided to run there and back, just to see how far it was. Just short of 6k and it was fun to mix it up - which was (and will remain) one of my goals - not to get too hung up on the goals/distance/progress I'm making.

I know I have no stamina so that's going to be my goal after Christmas.

Well done RFC on the administrator role! :)


Well done RFC for taking on an administrators role and thank you in advance for future quests. I'm sure they will motivate and encourage many of us myself included.

I did another parkrun this week and got a new PB of 37.44. Only one more parkrun to do now (on 14th ) to meet my quest target. I don't think I'll manage my other target though of a 35 min 5k but I'll keep trying and who knows? I will be happy enough to get down to 37 minutes.I shall continue with this target when the next quest starts up.

Great to hear that you are getting there again with your own running RFC.


Well done Rfc. It was you that made this happen not us. We just thought that it was a great idea. Glad you're managing to keep running. Hope your iron levels are up soon.

I'm on track but only just. Back up to 26mins tonight. I'm quite sure I'll make it to 30mins again now. Thanks.


Ran a 'foreign' parkrun after my sister-in-laws wedding in hackney. Mile End parkrun people were wonderfully friendly and despite a well deserved hangover, I knocked a second off my PB of 29' 38" to 29' 37"! There were even hills! I think it was the pavements that really helped as I am used to mud.

I recommend a run for a hangover - I even ran nearly all the way back to the hotel and Fitbit accused me of overachieving and gave me a 20000 steps badge. Great weekend and looking forward to 2 x 5k on 14/15 December!


RFC, can we have a valentines quest ? Bit more than 6 weeks...

You are doing a brilliant job and I am pleased you are 'holding your own' re running. Keep it steady and listen to your body. X


Love the idea of a Valentine's Quest too.


Well done for getting the admin badge. Well done to everyone else for doing so well.

I'm stalling I'm afraid. Very busy at work and have struggled to run during the week. That has impacted on my weekend run and I haven't done a long run for 3 weeks. Now it seems like a big scary thing and I can't get my head around it! So all in all I'm thinking I may not reach my goals by our deadline but maybe by the end of the month. Got to get focused again and just get out there and do it!


Hang on in there. End of the month sounds good. It's bound to get a little less hectic after Christmas.


I don't think I'm going to reach my target of running 5k by 14 December :-( When I graduated a couple of weeks ago I was running just over 3.5k and last week managed to run 4k on one run but I'm a BC survivor and have just had my medication increased and it's floored me! I'm finding everything such an effort. I'm now just going to make sure that I keep running 3 times a week and won't beat myself up if I can't manage a full 30 mins or more. I'm really glad the quests will continue as it'll help me stayed focussed in the New Year.

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We sound pretty much the same on times/distances and coping with medical stuff. Be kind to yourself our bodies need a bit of time to adjust. I found breaking up the run back into walking and running is helping me. I found pushing myself to Finnish a run then not making it a bit destructive mentally so I have broken it into bite size pieces. I like that feeling of coming back from a good run rather than perceiving it as a bad one. Hope you adjust to your new tablets soon, take care Rfc x

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Thank you all for your lovely messages. This really is a great site. I will take on board the valentines idea, it fits in with another idea I had so that's great.


Great to hear you're doing better Rfc. Good luck with the triathlon. That's something I'd like to try one day... maybe. ;-)

I've not been doing great with my mileage for the quest due to work and tiredness. I managed 83% of my ten mile target last week, but hadn't run since Friday until today. So I decided I 'must try harder' and almost ran a full 5K today, with a little walk in the middle. I'm so happy to be closing in on 5K and also set myself a new 'record time' of 40 minutes 55 seconds. Running seems to be really hard at the moment and I can certainly feel it in my legs after today's run. I'm contemplating going to Parkrun on Saturday to get the lay of the land and maybe try chasing the 40 minute marker (if there is one). I won't be able to join the Parkrun on the 14th due to work but I do want to 'go for it' on the 21st, complete with Santa hat. ;-)


First of all, congratulations on the Administrator post :)

I'm plodding on with the running but seem to be managing 20 minutes fairly consistently now, so might see if I can aim for a whole 30 minutes of consecutive running. Fingers crossed!


Well I did take my running gear to New York and I did manage to go out twice in the week and ran 5k along the East River. It was great! Still not got below the 34 minutes but was 34.5 both runs which isn't bad given all the food and drink I was enjoying. Also think my energy may have been affected by the 13 to 15 miles walking every day - Home for a rest now!


Thanks lizziebeth57 for pointing me in the direction of this Quest and to RFC for setting it up.

I would like to join, and in the next 2 and a half weeks my goals are to

1) continue to run 3 times a week

2) run the 5K in 30 minutes (currently taking 33 minutes) so I might need to include a long downhill ....

3) include an uphill in my run that I've been avoiding as I didn't feel strong enough to cope

I like the idea of a Valentines Quest - it's a great way of making me think about setting goals for myself as I don't think I'd manage well on my own.


Welcome on board I will add your name to the week six quest that will go up tomorrow.


Hi RFC! Well done for becoming an administrator. It's well deserved and I think that we're all greatful for you providing us with a good means of goal-setting. Glad, too, that you've felt some improvement with the iron 'situation'!

I'd like to report that I am on track but, frustratingly that's not the case. Im not sure how long it is now since I damaged my calf. I have been out but have had to stop each time after only 5 to 6 mins. It has felt better over the past few days so will try and get out there again this week. Am worried that my stamina will have back-slidden so will just have to see! 5K before next week seems unlikely! :( Ah well, there's always next year!


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