First week

So at a ripe old age of 48 i decided to start to try and get fit so somebody at work told me about c25k. Its been years since i have done any real physical activity but i thought why not ! Well i have just completed my first week and i have to say how great i feel, ok i come home a hot sweaty wreck ready to collapse but i cant weight for my next run. Dose this feeling last ????


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  • Hi ade66

    Yes it does, every time you complete a set :0) congrats on the first week

  • From my experience yes it does and it's not a bad feeling.

  • Yes, well it has for me. I’m totally addicted. I did W4R2 today and just a few weeks ago I thought running was for other special running-type folks and not me! Let us know how you get on with week 2. :)

  • Hi, and welcome to C25k! :)

    Congratulations on making that all-important first step. Yes, it feels great, and it keeps on feeling great! There are new challenges all the time and you'll be amazed at your own progress. Keep reading / posting on here, you'll find lots of friendly support and useful advice.

    Take it slow and steady (you'll hear that a lot!) and you'll get there :)

    Good luck with the rest of week 1

  • Sorry, meant week 2!

  • Welcome to the forum Ade, and well done for getting out of the front door & starting C25K.

    Oh yes, this great feeling will last. I'm sure that you'll have a few difficult weeks (W5 and W6 catch us all out) but in next to no time, you'll be fitter, healthier and will have joined the ranks of runners. My last run was Wednesday and I've been anticipating my Saturday morning Park run all day today. It is addictive.

    Keep posting here and let us all know how you are getting on. The lovely folks here are very supportive and a real nice bunch... feel free to ask for and help, guidance and remember to post regularly.

    Top tips -

    1) don't run too fast, slow down and take it easy,

    2) don't 'stride' but take short little, quiet steps and

    3) get yourself professionally fitted for running shoes (gait analysis) as soon as you feel comfortable to walk into a running shop (the assistants will be friendly and happy to help you). I mean a real runners shop, not one of the big sports chains.

  • Yup!

  • Heck hem ... 'scuse me ade but a little less of the "old age" please (I'm almost the same school year as you!)!!!

    Welcome to you and have yourself a really good time working through the programme with Laura!

    She's fab, the plan is brill, you just need to trust them and keep on getting up and getting out there :-)

    Cool Runnings :-)

  • Yes it certainly does last. You'd be amazed how easy it is to get hooked on running :)

  • Thanks for all you're kind words of support. It's a rest day for me today and I'm missing my run already. Thanks Markyd it may be awhile before I feel brave enough to step into a real runner's shop

  • Hi there Ade, *cough* 48 is not ripe, and is most definitely not old, let me tell you.....!

    Well done on week 1, this is a fab programme, and a very friendly,helpful forum. I'm now on Week 4 and feeling faaaaab! Never been a runner before, never been addicted to a sport before either, just loving it .


  • Yes, the feeling lasts! Just stick with it, nice and steady and you will become addicted! The people on this forum are fantastic, just keep looking in for motivation and support. There are so many positive benefits from running-keep with it. Good luck x :-)

  • It does last, yes. Sounds like you are getting hooked. And by the way, at 48 you are a mere stripling on this forum!

  • Oh definitely! I am a year older than you and decided that I was going to achieve this before turning 50....I finished Week 5 today and the sense of achievement is amazing...

    I find myself planning my routes for when I am able to run for longer and this is so not what I expected. Enjoy week 2 :0)

  • Oh yes and if you think it feels good now just you wait it actually gets better. Just take it nice and steady, listen to Laura and a note it can be additive.

  • It lasts and lasts and just gets better :)

  • Running is one of the best kept secrets in the world.......mainly because those who haven't tried it cannot conceive of the fact that they could possibly enjoy it. Once you experience the life affirming buzz of your early runs you will be hooked and wish you had discovered this secret years ago. I am ten years your senior and wish I had been running since 48.

    Keep running, keep smiling.

  • Hi Ade66,

    Congratulations on starting :) it's a wonderful life!

  • so happy for have the bug already, yes I felt it from my very first run...enjoy it :)

  • Yes it does. I'm week 9 and 2 runs ago I did a little leap, arm pump and yelled YES at the end. Good luck for week 2.

  • Hi and welcome :) Yes, you'll start wishing away the rest days and craving for the run days. It's normal :)

  • Please Go to the Running shop and get a pair of shoes you love. I've just got mine 1year on (no time with only short trips to UK ) staff are really helpful and supportive. They want to help it's their job and often their passion too. ENJOY.

  • Congrats you youngster! Most of us here are older than you, and yes, that feeling does last and just keeps getting better! It's a brilliant programme, and will lead you along by the hand until you are running marathons....

  • Welcome Ade, can only echo what everyone else has said, its a gift that keeps on giving ! :-) Glad youre on board, and congratulations to you. Keep going :-) xxx

  • Welcome Ade ... Glad you found us! Well done on getting through week one and yes, I've found this running lark very addictive - nearly had a domestic this week with PapaMia over who was doing which BambinoMia swimming run this weekend so I can get a run in!

    Take it slow and steady, have faith in Laura, the programme and most importantly yourself ... You will get through it, and we'll be here to cheer you on every step of the way :) Good luck and let us know how you get on.

  • The words "48" and "old age" aren't allowed to be used in the same sentence :)

  • As a fellow 48 year old, and who has not run since school really and hated it, the feeling does last. I am looking forward to my WK3R3 this afternoon, there are times when I have thought can I keep running and when I do and complete the last run I feel like punching the air and shouting YES get in! But I exercise at the gym so hold that to an inside victory. I am looking forward to becoming a graduate and wish you luck and happy running on your C25K challenge :D

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