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Back on the Couchto5k wagon - running mum

I started the Couchto5K two years ago as part of a weight loss programme and really enjoyed it (as well as losing more than 2 stone). I also ran my first 5k fun-run in 30 minutes. I then fell pregnant shortly after with my daughter (now 15 months) and had to stop running. Although I kept physical training right into my 8th month, I found I didn't lose much weight after I had the baby and breastfed, so I am back at my pre weight-loss weight :(.

I'd like to have another baby in a year or so but now want to get my weight back down as I did think I had a better pregnancy because of it. I have never lost as much weight before as when I ran so I'm turning to Laura and the Couchto5k again. I started again on week 5 and did the first session, but found yesterday when I was coming up to the 8 minute mark in the second run that I still felt quite comfortable and went straight up to 20 minutes. I couldn't believe it!

Would be great to hear from anyone who has used the programme post-pregnancy and running mums generally!

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Wow! Well done for getting back to the programme - running around after a toddler is equivalent to a 10k run each day so your fitness levels must be great! Good luck with it - it's a big commitment whilst raising little one (or two) too!


I think this may show how much of running is about believing you can do it. You already know you have it in you! Enjoy your return to running.

There's been a pregnant woman win the world orienteering championship!


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