After giving up a while back on week 2, I have decided to start again. At the time of starting c25k I was nearly 19 st with a huge bmi. I was also doing the other exercise podcasts alongside c25k, as well as going to the gym. I stopped as I was getting severe pain in my legs ( not surprisingly the amount of weight I was carrying). Anyway I'm now nearly 2 st lighter and a bit fitter. As soon as I know my daughters timetable next week (she's the only one left to return to education ) I will be slotting this in around her and the rest of my family. I have decided to take my time and only move on to the next week once I am totally comfortable, even if it does take months!


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  • Good for you, welcome back and good luck with the programme. Keep using the forum it is a really supportive place when things don't go completely smoothly or when things go really well!

  • Welcome back, hope it goes well for you this time. Keep us posted!

  • Sounds like a good plan. It will get easier as you lose more weight and in turn it will help you lose more. Good luck with your journey

  • Carrying less weight is going to make it easier this time round. Stick at it - it's truely worth it :)

  • Well done on getting back to it but I would say that you should make time for yourself in this process. Your family, as well as yourself, will benefit from a healthier, happier new you! Make time for yourself! Running every other day is a great way of chilling out and giving yourself much-needed head space. I think sometimes "the family" is an excuse for not doing things. Don't let that happen to you. Your family will be proud of their slim, fit new mum.

    Go for it! Don't look back!!!!

    Let us know how it goes.

  • I'm with MissWobbleNot here. It is so important to have some time for you and this is only half an hour 3 times a week. It sounds like you were packing quite a lot in which is admirable, but sounds like, with the best will in the world, you were setting yourself up to fail. Others would no doubt have sailed through it all , but personally I wouldn't have been able to slot in c25k as well as gym as well as the other exercise podcasts. The RAC would have been called for a homestart with jump leads and it would have been messy.

    Really looking forward to reading about your c25k and if it takes a while to get there it really doesn't matter a bit.

    Steady as you go but do get going!

  • Welcome back! With a few less pounds to carry round, it should be a bit more comfortable for you. Good luck and keep us posted. I appreciate the comments about fitting in with the family. I only have one child, but my husband works 24/7/365, often abroad, and I couldn't have managed to do this when my boy was not big enough to leave on his own. Life certainly gets easier when they are teenagers, attached permanently to an electrical device of some description, and don't even notice you're gone!

  • The older kids might be taking notice! My son took me to my race the other day and cheered me on at the end. Stunned I was ! My niece has actually taken up C25k herself. She fessed up to me on Sunday. It's a secret though so don't tell anybody!

  • Welcome back :) Just a note about taking your time - it took me 50 runs to graduate not the standard 27, because I re-did runs or even weeks until I felt comfortable to carry on. However, don't be afraid to push yourself - we can do more than we think we can! Give it a go - there is no such thing as failure because even if you don't quite complete the run you set out to do, you are still out there running. Take it steady, if you're struggling, slow down, and think of us all here cheering you on!

  • Sorry, I didn't realise I had all these replies. I have stuck at it, however it hasn't been regular due to family life and having a severely disabled child, not that the blame lies here. Anyway I was doing it in the house running in circles. As time has gone on and I have got fitter and faster, I've been going dizzy and bashing into walls lol. Still large I don't have the confidence to go out and about, although I did once with the hubby but it was 11pm and dark!! So now I've bought a treadmill and really I'm ready to move to week 1 run 2 but I keep stopping myself in case I fail. Do I get a medal or record for being probably the longest member to be on week 1 run 1 haha. It's treadmill day today and looking forward to it as soon as my son is picked up for school. Thanks everyone and happy running. Stay strong and safe xxx

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