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GNR 2014!

It's been a while folks, I know, I'm a bit rubbish, but I just wanted to share the news of me running my first half marathon this weekend in my home town of Sunny South Shields! I think most people have heard of the Great North Run, and as I'm a fully fledged Sandancer (born and bread South Shields) to be able to say 'I'm doing the GNR this year' is unbelievable! I've watched it most years either on the streets or on the TV at home and never in a million years did I think I would ever be a part of it - and this year I AM!!!

So, a massive thank you to C25k without which I would never have got to this point, and to all you lovely, inspiring people that without your support I'd have given up.

So anyone reading this at the beginning of your journey thinking you'll never be able to do it - you can do it, you just keep at it and it'll happen

Woo hoo!! The Great North Run!! It's amazing!!!! :)

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Brilliant post. WELL DONE FENTAZ42!

I hope you have a fantastic run! What a success story and something for all newbies to aspire to! You sound so excited!

Have a wonderful day!


Thank you Beek! I am a little excited....;)

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Howay pet, come on bonnie lass. Can't wait to hear how it goes. :)


Haha! Well done on the local lingo! I will let you all know how I get on (ya na) ;)


Oh Fentaz, what a brilliant post , fab, fab stuff. I always watch this on the telly, every year without fail, love it.

I bet it is a fantastic event to take part in. I hope you have a brilliant day and enjoy every minute of it . I am sure the memory of it will stay with you a long time

Good Luck and all the very best to you ! :-D xxx


Thank you so much! I still can't quite believe I'm going to be apart of it! I'm sure I'll be bubbling like a baby by the end!! :)


Good luck :) I am sure you will be amazing :)

Happy running :)


Thank you! X


Wow! Great stuff Fentaz. You must be well chuffed with that. Let us know how you get on. There are one or two folks hereabouts that are just embarking on HM's for the first time so your doing one this very weekend is very inspiring

Bit scary though as it's a long way. All the best for a great run and a brill day out!


Thank you :)

It is a bit scary, but still, I'm doing the GNR!! Can't wait!

There does seem to be a few people doing halfs at the mo, I wish them all the best too! Wow, still can't believe I'm able to run that far...


Very best of luck. The GNR is a wonderful race


Thanks Ancientmum, it's the best race in the world to me!! Xx


Enjoy your run, there are a few c25kers running it this year and I'll be there as a volunteer cheerer encouraging you all on. Looking at your photo you should be easy to spot in the crowd ;-)


Haha! Yeah, I'm the black and white Victorian strong woman - easy to spot! I love that pic, wish my biceps were like that....;)


Hey - good luck, I'll be there as well hoping to be the millionth finisher ;-)

I'm staying in North Shields and stressing about the best plans to get back south with all the road closures and metro queues..... I'm thinking the best plan may be to just enjoy the day, get the ferry over the river late on and leave for my 6 hr drive (!) when the traffic has died down.

Being a local do you have any thoughts?

When does traffic get to normal?


Thanks Matp! And good luck to you too!

My advice is to just enjoy the day and go get a pint and maybe a curry from Ocean Road! (It's one long street in South Shields that's just all curry houses - and they're all lovely!) A lot of people use public transport on the day - the metro ques are epic but it's all part of the fun I guess! I'm thinking once the race is over the roads should be fine anyway. Enjoy your day, take in the atmosphere and feel proud when you get your medal! :)


Lol, a pint should help the drive and my 7 year old always ends up wearing the medal ;-)

Cheers for the curry tip, I haven't had one for a while!

I look forward to hearing your time.


Quick question - you say Ocean Road, could you mean Sea Road or coast Road?

We arrived last night, and the kids are Very excited about running the mini GNR today :-)



It's Ocean Road - not far from the fair and the Marine Park - if you're unsure just ask someone, we're all friendly in Shields!

Good luck for tomorrow - I'm really excited! :) x


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