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GNR Training - Stage one complete ;-)

I tried writing this post in a way that wouldn't come across as bragging but gave up after three attempts so I'll unashamedly shout it from the roof tops instead ;-)

Stage one of my Great North Run training was completed this weekend at the Forest of Dean Rat Race 10K Trail run and I did VERY WELL - and this is all because I found C25K!

Results here:

Garmin here:

I expected a good time as I'd had fantastic parkrun and 10k trial runs in the month before and achieved a PB in all three. It's been very hard work and I take my training way too seriously!

I'm extremely chuffed and had no idea I would be able to do this when I was running for 60 seconds, walking for 90 seconds just 8 months ago and used to regularly post here!

I realise many of you don't believe this is possible just yet, but stick with it - there is nothing special about me!

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Lol thanks. The readings are always like that until I start to sweat, I ran a couple of weeks ago when it was 20C and it worked fine. I think it's quite a common issue with the HRM.

You may have noticed I only used 56 Cal - Garmin are replacing the watch, I just didn't want to send it back before the race!


Is that 42 minutes for a 10k? Blimey, I'd be bragging about it, too! Fantastic result and you should be tightly proud if what you have achieved. Very well done ;)


Congratulations fantastic time you have every right to yell from the rooftops


Wow, that's an incredible time. Shout away from the rooftops. :)

Would be very interested to get an idea of your training programme.


Thanks to everyone.

I did the Garmin Intermediate 10K training program, based on Heart Rate. If you have a Garmin Connect account you can find it in the training plan section. There is a non HRM plan here:

I say I took it way too seriously - My wife drives me to the gym twice a week for an hours workout called Bodypump (excellent for the core) and then I'd run back doing whatever my plan said, but always a minimum of 10k.

I've also changed my diet - it started off with small changes, salad instead of chips or fruit instead of crisps. In all I've lost 12kg since starting.

I'm moving on to their Half Marathon plan tonight, but that's 4 runs a week, with work and family commitments this will be too much so I'll drop the easier run each week.

I've been calling it my mid-life crisis ;-)


Your story sounds very similar to mine with regards to the changes to diet etc, I am constantly surprised to the amount of non-runners that do the c25k only to discover that they can get good times for events. I was more than made up with my first 10k time (48m 26s @ for the Port Sunlight 10k).

I've managed to loose 5 stone (31 kg) since starting this malarkey August last year..

Still need to work more on my core muscles but gym membership is a nono atm as we are already paying out 400 odd quid a month on childcare! :(

Do you have any advice on any half marathon plans? want to do one and have already ran 18k but laid up atm as managed to strain my calf running up the stairs....Doh!!


WOW - 5 Stone, that's amazing and must feel life changing! I watched one of the diet programs on TV and they got them to carry the weight they had lost down a beach, could you imagine carrying that in weights now? Fantastic!

I suspect the diet changes made the most difference to my weight and now it feels completely natural. With my lunch (typically a salad with chicken) I grab a couple of pieces of fruit and eat them in the afternoon/early afternoon and eat late after my other half or myself get home from training. One big difference has been alcohol - I used to drink way too much, regularly last man standing, now I rarely go out but don't miss it.

I'm not sure I can advise on half marathon plans having not done one yet. My longest distance is just less than yours at 17k. The program is heart rate again (I run alone and it gives me something to aim for), and will be an equivalent of this:

I know how it feels to be injured, thankfully I've only had a couple of minor niggles. After running around forest injury free for 10K I strained my knee on Monday helping my 3 year old down a muddy slope on a family walk! A couple of days rest and it's fine but it was a worry!

C25K changes lives - I thank the guy that got me to subliminally try it every time I see him and constantly recommend it to people who wish they had time to get fit...

Good luck with the HM training ;-)


More similiarities - 48 mins 54 sec was my first 10K. It was at Eton Dorney and flat as a pancake. I recall aiming for 54 Mins and getting carried away ;-)


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