What a difference a day makes... high 5 and jumps up and down!

Many thanks for all the support when I didn't quite make the 25 min run in wk 6. It makes a difference. And today with sunshine, a light breeze, the planets in their right places and a few newts tails and bats wings bubbling away on the stove, I did it. Even had a bit more fuel in the tank (metaphorically speaking) - paced up for the last minute and then ran an extra minute to make up for last week... that'll teach it! For the first time I took two days rest (3 runs a week never quite went into 7 anyway!) and I really think it helped in this case. At the end of the run I knew for certain that I am going to be able to do the 30 mins - it might take a few extra runs/days/weeks and there may be more ups and downs but I know now that I am capable. So thanks again. And I'm now officially a 'runner' and high fived and jumped up and down much to the amusement of passersby - but who cares they can share in my personal triumph too :)

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  • Fantastic!!! High five again!!! We knew you could do it. Your now a runner too! Bring on week 7

  • Fabulous! Well done x

  • Yeah ! So so so chuffed for you :)

    Jump up and down all you like !

  • Yeah. High five from me too. Well done - what a buzz. Good luck for your next run

  • Well done! I would be jumping up and down too :0)

  • Well done! I would be jumping up and down too :0)

  • Yay!! Well done!

  • Do you get to add extra miles/minutes for vertical running at the end? Aren't the good days way better than just good! :)

  • Great news and well done :) I used to always take two days rest between the end of one week and the start of the next. I also believe it makes a big difference and gives the body that little extra time to recover.

  • Definitely Paul. I shall make a point of having a proper day off at weekends - I'm currently cross-training and have probably been pushing myself a tad too hard. I'd forgotten that I'm meant to be enjoying these runs as well as meeting...

  • Well done Runon ... you're now two thirds of the way through the programme and sitting very nicely for chasing me down towards graduation (I've got my last week 7 run tomorrow). I only run twice a week too, as recommended by a running friend (who's also a chiropractor) as the best way to stay injury free - and she's right!

    Keep going - week 7 consolidates the run you've just done. You know you can do it :)

  • Good luck with 7.3 Mamma Mia - I'm right behind you :) But what happens after graduation? Without being over confident, I'm really going to miss c25k when (saying 'if' would be defeatist) I graduate!

  • High 5's and jumping like a fool here too.

    Well done runner!

  • Thank you pollynorris - I hope you have stopped jumping by now though :)

  • Well done! It's such a stinker when things don't go to plan and such an AMAZING feeling when they do! :-)

  • Thank you Clara - it is a wonderful brilliant feeling and long may they continue :)

  • A rotten run often leads to a brilliant one, well done you runner!You'll have your badge in no time.

  • Thank you Curlygurly - does it come with champagne? :) Couldn't believe I'd be a 'runner' a few weeks ago!

  • The completion of a GREAT run after a HORRID run is hard to beat! Well done Runon!

    I'm with you on the high fives and arms in the air thing... I ran a PB today over 5K and did the obligatory fist pump and arms in the air thing... runners know these things are mandatory... :) You're in good company!

    WELL DONE! You're a runner! You run...

  • Congrats aussiegtc - I read about your run - fantastic - well done - especially after an 18K a couple of days ago - wow 18K - that's unimaginable , like to Australia and back - or further :)

  • Oh Runon, I love reading your posts, what a positive, fun- loving attitude you have :-)

    I would like to wish you all the very best on your personal journey through this programme, you are doing amazingly well !

    Good luck , keep going and keep posting ! :-D xxx

  • Thanks Poppypug - you do a tremendous job of encouraging people - worth your weight in gold - you certainly help me - keep it up :) xxx

  • Thankyou , you are very kind xxx

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