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100 miles in August

For August runkeeper says I ran 160.5 km, or just a smidgen over 100 miles. That includes warm-up and cool-down walks, of probably 500 meter each for each run. With 16 runs in August, that should mean around 144 km "real" running.

Garmin says my total is 138 (I never include warm-up / cool down on Garmin), which means runkeeper is only 6 km out, or 4.3%. That's far less inaccurate than I thought.

Numbers, metrics, statistics. A bit like lies, damned lies and statistics.

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I found the few runs I did with runkeeper vs Garmin they weren't too dissimilar :) although on Friday runkeeper decided to not play ball and said I'd run 1 mile at the 2 mile mark with a pace I could only dream of, Miss Garmin behaved herself thankfully. Having said that it's the first time it's let me down in 10months. This month I've made the transition to Garmin only, as the weather gets worse I don't want my phone coming into contact with water! An MP3 player would be cheaper to replace :)


That is true. Good point about the weather. I think I will follow your lead :)


Ooh - I'd just talked myself out of a Garmin, but I'd not considered the rain! Damn. Back to begging relatives for Amazon vouchers for my birthday!


Oooops sorry! On the downside if I need to contact anyone when I'm out I'm now out of luck, on the plus once my HM is over I don't plan on running more than 10k for a long run so will only be 5k away from home at any one point. Decisions decisions! :)


Brilliant Tomas


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