Middlesbrough 10K Completed ;o)

Middlesbrough 10K Completed ;o)

Hi All (apologies for the long post)

I’ve done it! I’ve ran in my first ever officially organised run and I loved it ;o)

This morning I ran in the Middlesbrough Tees Pride 10K and it just so happened to be the 10th Anniversary this year of my local 10k.

As some of you may know, I nearly had to drop out of this run due to a knee injury but, having visited a sports therapist on Friday, I was adequately reassured that it wasn’t too serious of an injury. Having said that, the previous two weeks hadn’t been an ideal lead up to this weekend as I’d hardly ran at all except for two 3k easy runs to test my knee, but I decided to give it a go anyway.

The night before I had laid out all my running gear and made sure my Garmin was fully charged. I had trouble dropping off to sleep but eventually managed it and was up around 7.30am this morning. The great thing about this 10k is that the start is within walking distance of my home so it was a nice, gentle 10 minute walk to the athletes village ;o) I found myself unexpectedly nervous walking over as this was all new to me. I didn’t know what to expect but there was a heavy metal band playing when I got there so I soon relaxed ;o) There were lots of people milling about and some ‘professional looking’ athletes carrying out some weird and wonderful warm up exercises and stretches which, I think, John Cleese would have been happy using in one of his silly walk sketches ;o)

Before I knew it I was making my way to the start and made sure I was near the back of the field with the ‘just happy to finish’ group. We set off and the adrenalin was flowing but I knew I had to take it easy because I didn’t know whether my knee would be up to it. Worryingly, I had only been running for about a minute when the pain started in my knee. Damn, am I going to even reach 1k! I continued on hoping that the pain wouldn’t get any worse and it seemed as though it wasn’t. Good, I thought, I’ll keep going. Oh, there’s a professional looking photographer up ahead, lets move over so he can get a better shot of me. Click….thanks, that’ll cost me a few quid to purchase later ;o)

I had settled into a nice, easy pace and before I knew it I was passing the 4k marker. Things going well so far, knee not getting any worse, my breathing was nice and slow and I felt good.

My family weren’t able to be with me today but my wife had arranged to be standing outside her place of work (which was at 5k along the route) to cheer me past and it was a timely boost to see her waving as I ran by. Awww, thanks babe ;o)

Spurred on, I started to up my pace a little and at around the 6k mark my knee pain disappeared but this was replaced by pain in both my hips! Hips? I haven’t had pain in my hips before so why now!

Anyway, I pushed on and before I knew it I was at the 9k mark. I felt great. I glanced at my Garmin and to my utter surprise it seemed as though I could be on target to finish close to my current PB of 01:04:14. Pace upped a bit more (nothing like a sniff of a PB to spur you on) and turned onto the home stretch. Stride lengthening and passing some of the other runners, the finish line came in to view. Push Paul, go for it, its going to be close, go on!

The crowd that had gathered along the finish route were clapping, cheering, shouting encouragement which encouraged me to keep going and……………yes, I’d crossed the finish line! I’d done it. I’d completed my first ever organised run. Fantastic! A quick look at my Garmin again and it was suggesting a new PB! Don’t get carried away, Paul. Wait for the text message giving me the official chip time to be certain. YESSSSS, official chip time 01:03:18….a new PB, 56 seconds quicker than my previous PB! How did that happen? I had a dodgy knee; I’d taken it easy; I didn’t feel as though I had ‘really’ pushed myself until the last kilometre or so! Still, I was over the moon ;o)

It had been a great day. Great event, well organised, fun and the buzz was great. In fact, I want more ;o)

Official stats for my run:

Runners: 2592

Chip time: 01:03:18

Chip position: 1963

Gender position: 1366

Category position (M50): 133

Not bad for an owld git who’ll be 54 in October ;o)


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58 Replies

  • you star...fabulous result, and how great to see your wife halfway...great pic too :)

  • Thanks, JJ :) Seeing the wife gave me a timely boost indeed :)

  • This is so inspirational, well done you! Love the long post and description, it really makes me want to be able to do some events!

  • Thank you :) You will be running your first 10k before you know it and I'll be reading your long post ;)

  • That's great Paul ! So glad you managed to a) Do the run, b) complete the run, c) finish in an amazing time. Just wonderful.

  • Thanks, henpen :) My aim was just to finish so I was amazed when I achieved a PB :)

  • Sounds you had fantastic race Paul Well done. Fabulous time. I'm doing my first 10 k on sat and I'll be delighted if my post says I made it to the end and wasn't last !

  • Thanks :) Great to hear you'll be doing your first 10k. I'm sure your post will be saying that you made it to the end :) Good luck and looking forward to reading all about it :)

  • Mate - I am SO happy for you. What a fantastic result. A race, a PB over 10K AND your Mrs out to cheer you on at the halfway mark... I'm really happy you got out there after all the ups and downs of the past few weeks and you absolutely killed it! Very well done mate... hope you're enjoying a hard earned treat or two this evening... :)

  • Lol, thanks Aussie :) Appreciate that. Yep, I'm soooo glad I was able to actually get to the start line after the last couple of weeks so to finish was a great relief and the PB was just the icing on a great day :)

  • Well done & congratulations paul

  • Thank you ;)

  • That is fantastic Paul, well done. A great race and a great time! I hope your knee and hips are ok- take it easy x :-)

  • Thank you :) Ice pack on my knee as I type ;)

  • Paul, what a great race report - and fantastic photos! Love the medal; what 's wonderful piece of medalry it is as well!

    Very well done, mate. Sounds like a really great race; sorry to hear you experienced pains again, but I'm glad you got through it - and with a shiny new PB as well! :-) That's an even more brilliant result!

    Bet you couldn't believe the hip pain, of all things, having never experienced it before! Your shoes don't need replacing, do they? Worn shoes can lead to all kinds of twinges and discomfort. :x

    Congratulations mate. I've a feeling you'll be a race addict now! :D

  • Thanks, MY ;) I like the medal, too :) My very first. No, the hip pain came as a bit of a surprise. Mind you, I've hardly done any running over the previous two weeks so maybe due to that. I've only had the shoes for about three months so I'm hoping it's not them :) race addict? I think so ;)

  • Congratulations, Paul. So glad your knee held out and helped carry you to the finish line in PB time. Loved reading your race report too, thank you. Makes me feel really excited for my own upcoming 10k in 3 weeks time Eeeek! It's my 2nd so it is still new to me.

  • Thank you :) I used to get excited about my 10k as I was reading other peoples reports :) Good luck with your 10k and I look forward to reading all about it :)

  • Well done Paul - great run and so glad you were able to take part after all. Give that knee some TLC now!

  • Lol, thanks :) Knee is in ice as I type ;) Foam roller on order and I'll be visiting the sport therapist again next week for another massage :)

  • Oh congratulations Paul so pleased you managed to run in your race today! A pb as well you must be well over the moon - now take care of that knee!

  • Thank you :) Yes, absolutely over the moon with a PB considering I was toying with the idea of dropping out :)

  • Aw well done Paul ! I am so pleased for you, especially considering it was a bit touch and go at one point

    Sounds like you had a brilliant time , and what a fab medal too :-)

    Heres to the first of many , Congratulations ! :-) xxx

  • Thank you :) it's all the more pleasing after the last couple of weeks and I think I'll be looking online foe more 10k runs.........and medals ;)

  • Yeah go for it, you can never have too much bling :-) xxx

  • Lol, my thoughts exactly ;)

  • Brilliant post. What a day you had! Super that it all went so well and I love your new bling.

  • Thanks :) It was indeed a great day :)

  • Wow! Brilliant! Congratulations Paul!!

    Weird how pains can come and go throughout a run isn't it? Your time was great and what a great way to get a new PB. Maybe the crowd and adrenaline helped :-)

    So pleased for you, and great pics .... lovely medal. May it be one of many :D

  • Thank you :) I think the crowd really helped although I must admit I did feel a little embarrassed passing people as they clapped and cheered ;)

  • What a lovely post Paul - and a great achievement with a PB to boot! I was particularly touched that your wife managed to nick off of work at the crucial point to cheer you on past the 5km mark. I suspect that I can detect an addiction forming :-).

  • Lol, thanks :) It was a boost to the better half waving and cheering me on. Addiction? Quite possibly ;) The buzz of the race is highly addictive ;)

  • So pleased for you as things had looked a little uncertain, must make it all that sweeter for you. Agree with I_will, adrenaline always gives that little extra boost plus support from your nearest and dearest must have put a spring in your step. Onwards and upwards, and keep stretching those knees and hips. :-)

  • Thank you :) Yes, that made it all the sweeter ;) Onwards to the next 10k organised run :)

  • Well done! Great post. Hope your knee is ok tomorrow :-)

  • Thank you, Clara. Plenty of ice and ibuprofen and crossed fingers ;)

  • Well done Paul!!!!!! Us old gits aren't doing too badly are we!

    I wonder if the pain in the hips was maybe just anxiety. I bet you were quite tense with nerves which causes us to stiffen. As soon as you relaxed into it you'd be ok. That's my take on it anyway

    So glad you enjoyed it and got a medal!!!! :Lovely it is too!

  • Thanks Miss W :) Never thought of that. Could have been. Mind you, I'd hardly done any running in the two weeks leading up to it so maybe that contributed to it, too.

  • Wow wow wow great post - superb run Paul and a PB too that's the way to do it.

  • Thank you :) Yes, I was very chuffed with the outcome ;)

  • Hey well done you , what an achievement :)

  • Thank you :)

  • Your first race and you go for a 10K? Crazy man! Well done, sounds like a great day.

  • Haha, now you mention it.......... :)

  • Well done Paul! love the photos! :) my 10k in 4 and a bit weeks, hope i do as well as you! :X

  • Thanks :) Good luck in your 10k and I'm looking forward to reading all about it. You'll have a great day :)

  • Very well done Paul, so pleased for you, especially as it could so easily have been impossible for you to run. Hope you don't have too many aches and pains this morning. Congratulations m'dear :)

  • Thanks, AncientMum :) I must confess, I do have a few aches in my hips but the ice pack is in the freezer as I type :)

  • Brilliant post!! Well done...and a PB too. Bet you can't wait to do another now. Very well done Paul :D

  • Thanks, Katty :) Yep, looking on line to find one :)

  • Well done Paul. That was an inspirational post and a truly great effort.

  • Thank you, appreciate that ;)

  • Well done for making it, and a truly amazing time as well. Congratulations!!

  • Thank you, Tomas :)

  • Oh congratulations! So pleased you managed to run in your race today after the knee problems over the last two weeks or so. Great medal, love the photos, you look so happy :) Now rest that knee/hip!

  • So was I ;) I'm resting knees/hips and I've actually had a 20 minute soak in a bath of very cold water! Due another soak soon :)

  • Well done! A little late I know, but that's me!

    So glad you were able to compete :) so pleased for you not only finishes but great time too :) all your hard work, 2 weeks IC and you still got PB!

    It is great to have family/friends to cheer you on :)

    It is an amazing achievement, but be warned, having read others posts, it is addictive :)

    Well done again :)

    Happy running :)

  • Thank you :) I can easily see how the 'buzz' of the race can become addictive :) I've sighted up for a 5k trail run this weekend :)

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