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Week 4 done and dusted - eeek big week next!

Afternoon lovely runners!

Am just back from W4R3 enjoying a well-earned brew in the sunshine. I very much enjoyed this week, even run 2 which I did in the pouring rain. I felt good and managed to complete the runs without any problems although the 5 minute runs definitely felt like hard work!

Up until now I've been a wee bit nervous before starting each new week, and then pleasantly surprised at how well I've coped. With weeks 5 and 6 looming I definitely feel like it's a big step-up and into the unknown a bit.

It helps so much reading other people's experiences of getting through this stage - I'll be back for help and inspiration if it gets a bit too tough...

Happy running to all :)

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Well done for getting this far - great to hear you're enjoying it. Just remember "slow and steady" and trust Laura - you'll be fine next week and after. The programme works, many of us can testify to that. If you have any negative thoughts, think back to how far you've come since you started. The programme and Laura and your determination have got you this far, so stay positive and go for it!


Thank you so much - I will! :)


I have my first Week 5 run looming tomorrow....but we can do it. We have already run 5 mins twice so we can do that third one :0)


Hey - great stuff , what a lovely upbeat and positive post. Virtual back patting from me :)


That's the beauty of the programme, we CAN do it! Well done on your progress so far, good luck for the coming weeks.


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