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W1 R3 owie!!

Oh gawd I feel really rubbish! Went out today earlier than planned, did the first few runs okish if somewhat slow. Then the final 3 I could barely shuffle through them. The pain along top of the outer edge of my foot and up the side of my legs was immense. Still throbbing now I'm resting :-( I am no where near progressing to W2 and when that podcast accidentally started playing I might have been less than polite to the lovely Laura.

I thought it would be my chest and lungs that would give me the biggest problem as I thought my legs were strong. However I am 18 stone on a 5ft 4 frame and running on london pavements. I bought nike air initially for aerobics and because they are teal and purple my favourite colours (sorry for being such a girl). I also have quite a high arch and this style has always been comfy, or do I need something different? Or maybe my sheer size is going to hurt as I lumber round the streets no matter what? Any advice anyone could give I'd really appreciate.

I wanted to do a 5k race at the end of October but I don't think I should sign up just yet ha!



PS Liz B are you there? How are you doing? Thanks for the advice on my back. That's no longer an issue thankfully :-)

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I would recommend heading to a running shop and getting gait analysis, so you get the right shoes for you. I went to sweatshop, they were lovely and no hard sell. I am a plus sized runner and was made to feel completely at ease. You can also get insoles molded to your feet in sweatshop, which may also help.


Hey , you're out there and not on the couch so big back pat for that.

Ok , shoes - best thing I did was go to an actual running shoe shop and have gait analysis done - then you can see if you need alternative footwear.

The guys on here know places as the one I used is in Sussex.

Redo week 1 if you like , plenty of people have :)


Yes, I'll agree with Spoonie and EJ, gait analysis is really helpful, and the right shoes will make such a difference. You need shoes especially designed for running, not for aerobics etc. I didn't realise this when I started the programme, I was running in what I thought were good shoes, but it turned out they were not at all suitable for running. I got shin splints after week 2, a terrible pain I would not wish on anybody. I couldn't lie in bed and have the sheet touch my leg, it was that bad! Running shoes are expensive but worth every penny, and reputable sports shops will give you 28 days to return them if they are not suitable even if you've run in them outdoors for all of that time.

I doubt your size will "hurt" as you run, there are lots of larger people here who have finished the programme, slow and steady is the key. Well done for sticking with it so far.


Well done for getting out and doing it! Rest up until the pain subsides and then do as others have advised and get to a proper sports place where they will check your gait and recommend some good shoes for you. There are some sales on at the moment. (Don't panic about shoe colour: as someone who is not at all 'girly' I can assure you that there will be plenty of running shoe choice for a gal like you, so you can relax in the knowledge that you can maintain style as well as comfort! :-) ) Hope you feel better soon: good luck!


Hi Charlotte, I’m sorry to read about your foot and leg pain. I would really recommend going to see a sports physiotherapist. I went with my hurty foot on Thursday, showed him my rotten old shoes and lovely new shoes. He diagnosed my problem and confirmed it was my old shoes. He massaged my foot, did some magic ultrasound and gave me some stretching exercises to do. Most importantly for me he said I could carry on with C25K as long as any pain was less than 7/10 and didn’t go on for more than 24 hours. It wasn’t cheap at £42.50 but he wasn’t trying to sell me anything and was highly qualified to give good advice. I was a bit worried that I would be in a waiting room with a lot of sleek athletes but the only other patients didn’t look too sporty either!


Thanks all for your comments. I'm going to treat myself to a half day at work so I can get to Runners Need for gait analysis. My trainers are on their website for road running but maybe I still need something different.

If the pain continues I will definitely see a physio. I seem to be doing ok after the run and walked 40mins later in the day. It's now more being aware that something is tingling thank goodness.

Tried to tell my mum about my starting running but she just zoned out then changed the subject. I guess it's not everyone's cup of tea.

Cheers all for the support :-D Without this forum I wouldn't be trying at all.


Ah good , let us know how you get on. As for the zoning out - at first a lot of people I told just made jokes about me running , they're not doing it anymore as I can outrun them now !


I’m glad your pain is easing. I have had some mixed reactions from people I’ve told about my running. The most supportive have been other runners. Non-runners have mostly been telling me that running is bad for your joints etc.


I've been wondering how you've been getting on - well done for sticking with it! When you've got your gait checked out, why not try another week 1 run and see how it goes? Good luck :)


Hiya. Yes I am still here but on holiday in Scotland with no WiFi for a while. Sounds to me like you are being overambitious to be planning a 5k at end of October. I know lots of people manage to do this programme in 9 weeks or so but being the weight I am I will need to take it more slowly. I have been out a couple of times since i came away and am still doing the wk1 intervals for now and going for a bit longer than 20 mins. I have another plan that builds up more slowly which I will probably use instead of the c25k but it doesn't have podcasts so will usey watch to set up the intervals. If you are interested let me have your email and I will send you a copy.

Anyway, enough about me! Glad you are still keeping going even though it is hard. You need to do what feels right for you and make sure you rest when you need to. Better to build up slowly than to overdo it and get injured or disheartened.

Keep in touch.



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