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No podcast

I don't download the podcast as I don't listen to anything when doing the programme. I tend to read the info about the run activities for the week/day and then monitor what I am doing with the timer on my treadmill whilst doing the run. This is partly why I am doing the programme inside.

Silly question. What would I need to be able to listen. I keep seeing info about what Laura says and think it would help with motivation, timing etc. can anyone tell me what I would need. I don't have an iPhone,pod etc. I do have an android phone but don't know how or if it would work.

Help would be appreciated. Thanks

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I have an android phone too. If you can play music on it, you just have to download the podcasts onto your computer, link your phone up and transfer the podcasts to your phone. They're mp3 files so work just like any other music tracks. It's far more motivating to run along with Laura than just to run 'naked'.

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Yup, I just downloaded them onto my samsung galaxy, popped in a pair of headphones and away I went! Laura and I have parted ways now (*stiffled sob) as the music towards the end is truly shocking (!), but for those first few weeks she helped. She really helped! She'll give you some running tips and keep you focused by telling you how far you've gone /got left. She was a very reassuring presence! I cannot deny we've had our disagreements, and I know I'm not the only one on here that has had to posthumously apologise to her after swearing at her during a run (!), but she, and the podcast structure is undoubtably what got me thus far. Feeling a little at sea without her still, but I'm told there is life after Laura... ; )


There are other C25K programmes but there's only one NHS C25K programme! I know some people don't like the particular music and decide to abandon Laura once you get towards the end when there are no more intervals, but even if you don't like the music, or don't like listening to anything at all, that in itself gives you something to work towards.


I did C25K last year without Laura and the podcast. I enjoyed the quiet and managed fine.

I've started again as I had an injury and wasn't able to run for 4 months. I now run with a friend who's downloaded the podcasts but she doesn't find them particularly helpful and she's not a fan of the music! I guess it is horses for courses!

My motivation and encouragement last year came from reading people's posts who were offering advice and sharing their experiences of what I was about to do.


I tolerate the music because I have to have the beat to run to, and I can listen to my own music the rest of the day. I don't find it that awful to be honest and it's only for 35-40 minutes or so. I still alternate the three c25k+ podcasts each week for my runs and I graduated back in April!


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