First race coming up in Paris!! Tips?

I am running my first race in Paris in September (La Parisienne), which is 6.4km. I know I can do it as I graduated late last year and am running 5-10km 3 times a week. My aim to is to do it fast (for me) with a target of 36 mins. Do any of you experienced runners have any ideas for how I should train in the couple of weeks running up to the race? At the moment I am doing a mix of steady and faster runs with some interval training. But the week before, what should I focus on?


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  • Most running plans have a taper period, typically lasting one week for <= 10 km, and two weeks for > 10km. So I would suggest you slowly taper the effort the last week - don't avoid going out to run, but runs slower and shorter. Gives your body a chance to rebuild itself so you're in tip-top shape for La Parisienne.

  • Thanks Tomas - sounds sensible. I am really looking forward to it and have a 10km as part of a team in October.

  • ^^ What Tomas said... :)

    Personally I wouldn't worry too much about a taper for a 6.4K race if you're already running that distance regularly (and more)... I'd take 2-3 rest days before the race and do a 5K run 3-4 days before at a sensible pace... the rest of your training plan looks perfect... good mix there!

    You're more than ready for the race and you'll love the buzz.. you know you can do the distance already (and in a decent time!). What you need to take care of on race day is making sure you don't go out too fast.... take the first 2K at a steady pace and then when you're warmed up you can start slowly adding in the speed from the 3K mark... slow and steady out... as quick as you like back...

    Good luck!

  • Thanks for the tips, including on the race strategy which I admit I hadn't really thought about. Am very excited!

  • That sounds ideal, but the week before you need to scale it down to prepare....I love Paris and I so want to do the Marathon there one enjoy it, and you are doing all the right things to prepare :)

  • Thanks juicyju.

  • Can't help with any real tips, just wanted to say hi to a fellow France dweller (assuming you are!?!)

    Oh and to wish you good luck!

  • Thank you. I am indeed a Paris dweller and generally run around the Luxembourg gardens/past the Senate.

  • Bonjour! I'm in Froggyland too....

  • Bonjour a toi aussi! There seem to be a few of us here in France.

  • Bonjour curlygurly!

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