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This is my problem now on my lunch break or before I go to bed, do I go on FB for 10 mins or look through some posts on C25K?? I try not to do too much social network surfing but guess what I now spend more time on this forum than FB!! I am a bit of a browser and reader rather than too much input but I will try to do a few more posts especially answering newbie questions as that was a tremendous help to me.

Just a question regarding my new Garmin 110. It said I had an average pace of 7.10, considering I have my distance in KM's does that mean 1km in 7minutes 10 secs? I think that sounds right as the park run and race for life I did was 35 minutes. Anyway might try the 10% challenge for my next 5K in two weeks.

Last question: when you all post do you choose a topic - ie I would be Graduates 5K+ or do you leave it blank and then is this post for everyone or community? Probably silly questions, just wondering?????

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Yes that's right nellyharte it's your time for one km . & your last question I don't know lol I just post . Well done & congratulations on your park run


I usually click week 5 for instance if I think it might be relevant for that week, but I think everyone can see all your posts anyway.

I understand about FB, I've been an addict for a while, more because of nothing better to do, now I spend more time here!


You have taken 7mins and 10 secs to do 1k.

I have practically given up on fb, too many ads, too many nasty things. It's much nicer here.

I always post just for the community but don't usually select a topic.

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Facebook is the curse of the 21st Century in my view. I closed my account a year ago and feel a massive weight has been lifted off my shoulders! At least on here it is specific and targeted information which is useful to all.

My most humble opinion of course....



I must admit I have been coming on here more than the dreaded fb x


Sounds like we are all feeling the same about FB and doing lots more c25k, totally agree with you Dan about FB but it is such a good way for me to keep in touch with my family in Ireland and that's my main use. Thanks henpen and Rockette for clarifying my garmin time, 5 months into running and I am still struggling with the technical side!


I usually spend way to much time on FB, I sleep much less than BaldyBoy, so need something to do quietly while he snores on... and on..We don't have telly, and news papers are hard to come by here in France, I'm a manic swimmer in UK, but the pool is only open here in July & Aug...I began playing a silly game on FB a while ago, they suck you in those nice to find something more interesting, and good for me too!


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