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Personal Alarm Information

Personal Alarm Information

In my post yesterday I mentioned that I had bought a personal alarm and a few of you asked about it.

Then I see that Moickle has posted about safety tips for his girlfriend and, as the darker days are coming, I think it's timely for us to think about our safety when we're out there.

I got my alarm from Amazon. It's cheap, compact, easy to carry/clip on, has great reviews and, most importantly, omits a screechingly LOUD noise! If you test it at home then put all the animals ( and anyone with a nervous disposition) away as they'll be terrified! Oh and mine is in girly pink too!

I don't work for Amazon or the supplier and am not selling this in any way. There are lots of other alarms to choose from, but it's too important an issue for us to get hung up on whether this is advertising.

I pray that none of us have to use it but it has given me more confidence when I'm out there.

Run safe.

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Great, thanks! I'll add that to the list of tips for my girlfriend.


The rucksack I use for running to work has a whistle integrated into the chest belt buckle. It's fairly loud too. For those who don't want to carry an alarm, a whistle around the neck is a good option.


Thanks for posting this. Apart from getting one for running, daughter no1 is heading off to Uni and I'll be getting one for her too. :)


When I was a croupier ans working nights, we were issued with something similar, the point of these is not so much to attract attention, although they will do that too, but to activate it in an attackers ear.

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