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Half marathon

So I completed c25k in April and continued running until June tried a few times to get back in to it but failed so I need a new target/plan

There's a half Marathon near me on 2nd of March so I want to aim for that !

Last time I ran (a few weeks a go) I ran 3k in 24mins and was pretty relieved to stop at 3k!

I have looked at 2 plans

The runtastic one looks good but the beginner one starts at 4.8k for 3 runs ( think I could just manage this) and then up to 8 k on the fourth run.... Is it pysochiolgy like c25k and I should be able to manage this or is this just a bit rediculous even after finishing c25k I never ran over 5.5k and that killed me...

Looked at the gikis one to but that's a bit of there other extreme it has weeks of 20 min runs and then the max you run is like 10k not great when the race will be 20k

Any suggestions I want a structured plan in a podcast/app I need a Laura style keep going and preferably would like to be blue to listen to my own music and state the days I run...


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I've been trying to follow the bupa one, it's a written plan so nothing to interfere with music..

Took a break last week as I was away and due to pick back up for the 8 mile long run week this week. I've decided to do that next week as I've got a gorgeous blister at the mo. I've found this quite daunting as now I'm running 4 times per week, with only one 'easy' run and the long runs are loooong!

I guess it's down to motivation, I'm thinking about doing this training without a race planned, so I might not be as motivated as you?


I can't help you with an app for a HM training, but just wanted to welcome you to the HealthUnlocked forums. Like you I have registered for a HM in March (one week later than your race) and next week I'm starting a 12 week training schedule.

Like slowworn, I'm doing a written HM plan. I've run 22km a couple of times over the summer as very slow trail runs, but each time it was with several stops to map read, take photos, etc. I hope if I follow a plan it will give me a little bit of 'discipline' needed to help increase my pace - but not too much discipline! I like running without music sometimes and without a set pace to follow, so will change the 4 days of scheduled runs around to suit my wishes.

I use one of the Audiofuel podcasts (music at 180bpm for ~60 secs) for intervals sessions once a week and occasionally use the (free) Pordunner podcasts to help keep my pace for tempo runs, but as I said, I often like to run 'naked' especially for the long, slow off-road runs.


Hi, I also followed the BUPA written plan and completed a half marathon in September. A lot of it is in your head. And believe me the long runs can become quite boring, but if you have the motivation you should be fine. Good luck with it all and keep us posted with how you are getting on.


HI, I ran a HM a few weeks ago and followed a 12 week programme from Runners World, I followed a sub 2 hour programme, but the one in the link is a sub 2:15 hor programme:

However the programme assumes that you can already run 8km so this might not be the one for you right now. It is a 12 week programme so you have about three weeks until you would have to begin it, so if you can build yourself up to 8km in 3 weeks it might be the programme for you.


having started C25k in Feb this year, and completed a HM in October...I did my own training plan which involved 4 runs a week: 5k, 2X 10k and one long run that I extended each week alongside swimming and general family I will say...well done, make a plan that suits YOU, your life, and is tailored to address any mental barriers you pre-empt...good luck!!!!


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