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Week 5 run 2 fitted into a busy festival weekend. Wow!

Friday was wet, really wet so we just went for a walk to the beach and along the coastal path, but I don't think I could have run anyway as I found it hard just walking up the slope from the campsite.

But Saturday was brighter, less windy and dry so I went for a birthday run and I really enjoyed it, although I did have a slight technical issue!

Towards the end of the five minute walk at the beginning my old Pulse phone which I have been using for the podcasts just stopped and would not switch on again. Luckily I had my other phone with me. I had downloaded the podcasts but found it a bit big for the waist bag I use but that morning I squeezed it in just in case of emergencies as I was on a small country road (not that it would have been any help as there was no phone signal!) Anyway, I was able to use that. I couldn't work out how to fast forward so just started the warm up walk again.

After all that preamble, it was a great run. The first eight minutes went well but the the second was amazing. I loved it.

When I was walking back to the campsite I was nearly crying, but not from pain or frustration, I was just so pleased with myself. (I am not generally known as an emotional person so this was very unusual for me!) Wow!

I probably can't fir in the third run until Wednesday, although I am raring to go.

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Week 5 is a real turning point in the programme - sounds like you are doing great!

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You're flying, well done! What a nice birthday present to yourself. Enjoy the next one :)

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Well done Sue !

I totally understand the tears of emotion , Its a proper rollercoaster ride, and it can and does move you to tears at times.

You are doing great, keep going ! :-) xxx

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Well done. I know what you mean about the emotions. Sounds like a great run and you are sounding like you have got the running bug.☺


Yes, I look forward to running now. The girl who used to try and hide from school sports!


Well it turns out I couldn't wait until Wednesday (plus I was a bit worried about having three non running days before attempting the 20 minutes)

So I went out this evening. And I did it!

I have only ever run mid morning so far and I wasn't sure how I would go on with a later run. Also, it is still very warm, but apart from that I found it ok. I thought I was getting a stitch about a minute from the end, but took deep breaths and got through.


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