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Wk1R1 Take 2

So last year I graduated c25k, loved every second of it and felt great. Having finally found some exercise I didn't hate, I couldn't imagine going back to my couch-potato ways.

Then Autumn came and the clocks changed and soon it had been months since my last run. I went for a few runs in the new year, but I'd lost my mojo.

Now it's time to start again. Back to week 1: It was hard, but not like last time. I had no mental blocks to overcome, just physical ones. And it felt good.

So I'm aiming to go through c25k a second time, who knows maybe I'll be faster this time? I've a few months to find a gym to keep my momentum in the winter months. In the meantime I need to just concentrate on getting back to running, wish me luck! (Or willpower! )

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Aw, Im glad you got back out there, it is a bit daunting isn't it when you haven't been out for a while.

Hope you have got the " love " back, keep going and keep posting on here, cos it really helps .

Good Luck to you , onwards ! :-) xx


That's good you've come back to try again. I must admit I am a bit concerned about what will happen to my running when the nights draw in. Hubby doesn't like it when I go out in the dark, and I must admit it does spook me a bit and I would have to go without music just so I am a bit more aware of what's around me. Still, we're not there yet and I'll keep going a long as I can. Like you, I know I can do it now, so can pick it up again if necessary.

Good luck and happy running!


The dark nights might feel spooky, but my guess is if you go at the same time as now, then it will be the same people about at that time.


I don't live in a great area, tbh I probably wouldn't feel too safe running round here. However I can run near work instead so... maybe?


Run 2 straight from work: Achieved! Misjudged the distance, and ended up 20 minutes walk away from the car :'( AMAZED I made it back! Only one more run of week 1 part 2! Hooray


Well done.


Just funished run 3 of week 1 (take 2) - had to take a few days off because I somehow managed to injure my ankle during run 2. Happy to be back out, was nice to be out in the morning sunshine, looking forward to some more sustained running, but injury has reminded me that I must follow the plan!


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