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Week 2 Day 2

New to this site and this is my first post. Hoping to find some encouragement and helpful hints/tips from everyone!

So second run of week 2 and I feel like I should be doing a lot more but I guess the idea is to take it easy and build up stamina etc. Am about 4 stone overweight and have joined Weight Watchers as well as doing C25k so fingers crossed I should be fighting fit over the course of the next few months (just in time for Xmas!)

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Welcome and well done. You've already got a firm foothold in this program now veing at week 2. And you're right about not overdoing it. Even if you do feel like you can. I've been tempted but have rigidly stuck to the plan on the advice of many a person on this forum. Which by the way, is THE best place to come for positivity and encouragement.

My only other advice nuggets are to ignore the lovely Laura when she tells you to heel strike the ground. This can cause unnecessary impact to your joints and can result in lots of further problems. I'd advise to land on the middle of your foot with each stride. There's probably a word for that, but I'm not that technical.

Other than that, Laura is spot on with the podcasts and I find them really encouraging.

My other biggest piece of advice is to take it at your pace and ultimately ENJOY it! You are going to challenge and surprise yourself. You'll see your confidence rise and outlook change.

We look forward to reading about it so please keep us updated on your progress. :)


Hello and welcome. I'm quite new (sort of) too. (This is my second time of starting the programme, and posting on here).

I love this programme. The further you get on with it, the better it becomes. There will be times when you might think you won't be able to do what Laura's asking of you, but you will surprise yourself.

My top tip is to take it slowly. Do not be tempted to rush, go quickly, or skip rest days. C25K is all about getting your body used to the act of running. It has nothing to do with getting faster. When you can run for 30 mins, this will give you the tool of running, that will help with weight loss. That's how I'm looking at it anyway.

I think its good that you're doing Weight watchers. If you're trying to lose weight specifically, I'd recommend doing something else alongside this so that you get some results over time and stay motivated. Weight Watchers is perfect for that.

I remember from last time that a lot of people seemed to expect loads of weight to start falling off when they did this programme alone, and it doesn't really work like that. It is great activity, but see it like I said as a means of getting the right technique for real results later. I go to the gym 3 times a week and am healthy eating (most of the time). For me C25K will enable me to replace a gym session with a 30 or 40 min run in a few weeks. 300-400 calories are burnt in 30 mins I believe. (running at a fair pace).

Lastly, I'd say set some goals and rewards for yourself. There are plenty of goodies you can get yourself at various stages. New running top, or shoes. Then of course there is the holy grail at the end. The graduation T shirt.

I hope you enjoy the programme. Good luck, and keep us posted :)


Hi and welcome, prepare to surprise yourself! Just stick to the programme, don't try to take any short cuts or do anything fast. Slowly really does the trick, even though you might not think so at the time. On my rest days I often walked quite long distances (4 miles - well that's long for me) but otherwise haven't done anything special or extra. Haven't lost any weight, though i wasn't trying to anyway, but can feel muscle rather than flab which is very satisfying. Clothes fit better. Can now run 5 k in 40 minutes. really pleased at this progress in 2 months. Couldn't run more than a minute at the start. Keep us posted with how you get on!


Hi there, I've just completed the programme (yesterday!) and it's really been one of the best decisions I've made in recent years. I can't really add anything to the good advice offered by the others above, other than to perhaps mention breathing, as I think Laura tells you to breathe through your nose and try to time it with your foot strike (could be week 3 or 4). I would say ignore all that and just do what comes naturally. Deep steady breaths, mouth or nose, whichever is easier for you. As soon as you start thinking about it it becomes very distracting, as you may have found already.

Trust the programme and you will rise to the challenge each week, and if you need to then just repeat a run or a week. Keep us posted! :)


Thanks to everyone for posting some good replies - went out last night and found it difficult to do the breathing the way Laura says and I have a bit of a dodgy knee so the heel first type running I feel is a bit ropey until I have fully warmed up. Looking forward to becomming a "graduate"!


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