Day 1 , Run 1

Hi all, I'm starting the Couch to 5k program today & i'm a little aprehensive . I'm no runner at all, but we've all gotta start somewhere i guess & i want to do some exercise as i eat pretty well, alcohol is my prob on the weekends but i do no exercise & sit behind a desk 9hrs a day so determined to give this my all & complete it all. Any tips will be most welcome !! gulp x



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  • I started yesterday and would say don't worry. Let the podcast guide you, keep it steady and you'll be fine.

    I enjoyed completing my first run yesterday and am looking forward to the second one tomorrow.


  • Thanks Peter,

    Gonna do it after work tonight. Probably decide then if i'm gonna carry on doing it after work or get up before work & do it


  • Me too! I'm starting today. Good luck!

  • Lets do it haha!! right back at ya Sueeds

  • Go for it. You will be brilliant. Remember decent shoes and comfortable clothes are vital - I am on week 7 now and could not run for toffee before starting this programme. I am still no runner but am proud of myself non the less. I ran the first week with my old trainers and wow did i notice the difference when i bought myself a nice new pair of pink Nike running shoes :-)

  • Thanks very much, i'll let you know how week one goes aarrgghhhhh

  • OOh, exciting times ahead Weslar :)

    My advice would be TRUST Laura and the podcasts.

    I am doing Week 5 run 1 tomorrow (I did it last Sunday but had to take a week off due to a pulled back muscle) and have to say every week as I have progressed I look back and smile and think "to think running 1 minute the first week was a challenge" :)

    I HAVE ran in the past, but always went out with my partner and did 30 minutes straight away, hated it and only kept it up for 2 weeks maybe. This time, I actually look forward to going out and last week, whilst not running, I DID walk. Yesterday, I even walked up to the shops and back to buy a shelf! Such is the addictive nature of getting out there thirty minutes a day. (Today I am off to see a friend -on my bike :) )

    There will be lots of more experienced folks along soon to give you their words of wisdom, including take it slow (I feel alot better for taking my pace down a little and NOT huffing and puffing) repeat a week if you feel the need but don't be afraid to move on to the next week either.

    My "attitude" to moving on when I am feeling apprehensive is that I am going to try it and at worst I can walk sooner than Laura says. Inevitably I CAN and DO run when she says so there's a lot of mind over matter.

    Oh, at the beginning, when I was dragging my feet thinking about going out for a run, I used kid-o-logy and told myself I didn't HAVE to run but 'let's just get out and at least walk" As soon as I was out the house and walking, I was soon ready :)

    Good luck :D


  • Awesome Janet thanks!! .

    Bring it on!!!


  • Hi Weslar, Well done for making one of the best decisions you will ever make. This programme does really work and there are thousands on here to prove it :-)

    I know youre probably a bit nervous, but as long as you follow the programme and listen to Laura , you will be fine , I promise .

    Rest days and the cool down stretches are very important.

    I wish you all the very best of luck , exciting times ahead , and I look forward to reading of your progress

    Enjoy it :-) xxx

  • After reading all the replies i'm more looking forward to hopefully suprising myself now more than anything. Thankyou


  • Hi Weslar, Like you I have just started, comp;leted W1 R2 today :D I was a non runner ex smoking couch pottato ,oh and I am 56 .. It is starting to become addictive so good luck and go for it :D

  • Hi! I was where you are 7 weeks ago, now running 25 minutes without stopping :-) I would not have believed I could ever do that, the program is amazing. Go with the flow, don't be scared... Not too fast, pace yourself throughout and take the day rest in between. Good luck!

  • Hiya ! Great to hear from so many people who started from day one & to see where they are now. Bring it on , thanks for the advice


  • Oh, and if you are a morning person I think best time to run is early morning before breakfast or at night after work but before dinner. Leave plenty of time between eating/running, as that is the thing that most hampered me. Well done for joining us :-)

  • I'm doing run 1 tonight after work , think i'll decide then if getting up b4 work is the way to go. I'm a bit self concious about these sort of things so morning with nobody around seems to be the way forward but we will see, looking forward to it

  • It's great, you'll love it :-)

  • I know where you're coming from on that score. I'm the same, a little self conscious and lacking confidence.

    To begin with I've found an out of the way little route to get myself into the swing, where it's nice and quiet.

    I did my first run yesterday (Sunday) morning about 7:20, nice and quiet then. Am planning to do my next one on Tuesday. Although I'll have to get up early to fit it in, looking at about 5:30 alarm, head out about 5:40, back home by 6:20 to recover, feed the babies and get ready for work.

    I contemplated doing my runs later in the evening but really couldn't see that happening. I quite like an early morning, once I've gotten myself out of bed that is!

  • Think i'm gonna go the same way, i normally leave for work about 7am so pre work sounds a good idea. No London Marathon pro's giving me the hahahaha look

  • Hi Weslar,

    Use the first few weeks to try a couple of different routes, and try running at different times of the day to see what suites you best. I also have a desk job and although I've always been pretty active I'm no runner, and at Week 1 I struggling to keep going for 60 seconds. I'm now on Week 8 and although there have been tough days I'm really enjoying running and my fitness has rocketed - I can now run for 25 minutes straight! Just don't give up, keep with it, and if you have a bad few runs then don't let it put you off. Good luck!

  • Thanks for the reply, looking forward to amazing myself......hopefully


  • All the advice so far is spot on so well done and good luck :)

  • Thanks very much, quite looking forward to it now weirdly

  • Take it slowly, don't be tempted to skip weeks or sessions even if it feels easy. Trust the tip is to keep your head up and look around you at all the lovely things - flowers, views, shops whatever...give yourself a pat on the back for each good run, don't fret about the not so good ones...keep posting! XX

  • Oh i will do. Thanks for the advice x


  • I did my first run today as well. I set the alarm half an hour early and so was getting back just has my husband was getting dressed. As you say it was great being out when it was quiet and so I did not meet anyone I knew round the village! I managed, having not run since school sports and being fairly unfit, so if I can anyone can! Good luck tonight.

  • all the best Wes, you'll be fine!! :) Just follow Laura's advice and you can't go far wrong, and you'll feel a great sense of achievement as the weeks go by!!!!!!!! Looking forward to your posts............ take it slow and believe in yourself :)

  • Just getting changed and about to go for it, thanks all for the great messages , see you on the other side

  • Well????? Eargerly awaiting your take on your first run :)

  • Morning !!! Came home with the beetroot face & heavy legs, just about to get up n shower , let's see how the legs are......gonna do early mornings instead of evenings now too x

  • :) Well done ! That first run is the first step ...

    I am off work at the moment so go when I get up and feel like it but always before I eat - I can't do any exercise if I've eaten within 5 hours- but once I am back at work, I might have to run in the morning before work. I will be interested to hear how you think it compares (early AM v evening)

    I look forward to your posts.


  • Hi Janet,

    I'll let you know after tomorrow morning. Normally get out of bed at 6:30am to get ready etc so gonna set the alarm for 5:30 eek !! roll on tomorrow morning

    Wes x

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