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Praise God for Properly Fitting Running Shoes!

My C25k experience just got a little sweeter!

Like many C25kers I am guessing, I started the journey wearing whatever shoes I already had. Although I always buy "comfortable" shoes, I really hadn't been properly fitted for the correct running shoe. Mainly because I had no intention of ever being a runner. I had an acceptable pair of New Balance trainers that I had purchase for walking trails. I like them for walking, but they were doing nothing for me when running. I've been suffering through calf pain almost every time I ran. I knew I needed to get some new shoes, but kept thinking I would wait just a little longer.

My first attempt at finding a new running shoe was to do some online research and stop by a local big box sporting goods store. With little help from anyone, I went home with a very cushy pair of Asics and was excited to give them a try. Right away my calf pain was gone, but by the time I completed my first run, the outside half of my feet were completely numb. Well, that was definitely not going to work! I'm committed to becoming a runner and I've got to figure out a way to make it happen without all this pain.

Today I went to a local store that specializing in running. Kevin asked a lot of questions, measured my feet relaxed and standing, observed my step and leg movement, and then came out with about a half-dozen options of shoes to try. I left with some new shoes, new running socks, and was excited to try them out.

The verdict? No calf or foot pain at all, and no numbness in my feet. I finished my 5 minutes runs (W4D2) feeling like I could continue on. Yay!

I admit I was a little intimidated to get fitted for new shoes in a running store. I was avoiding it because I expected to be the joke du jour — the old out-of-shape guy trying to train for a 5k. Fortunately, my fear of getting injured outweighed my fear of the running shoe store — I don't want anything to get in my way of achieving this goal. And now I have happy feet!

So, if you're like me (and I've got to believe I'm not the only one) and are putting off getting properly fitted for good running shoes, make it happen sooner than later. You'll be so glad you did!

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So true, I will second that! I actually got a gait analysis and new shoes before I started hoping the expense would spur me on to keep going and it obviously worked! ;) I was nervous walking into a "proper" running shop but it was so worth it as I have never had any problems.

I am so glad you have found the solution to your pain. Enjoy your running with your shiny new shoes!! :)



Another "yes yes" here! Like you, I was really intimidated about going into a proper running shop and was horrified at having to run on a treadmill but the guy was so lovely and encouraging - even asking me to come along to their daily lunchtime 5k runs (steady on!).

I think that's the great thing about runners - there seems to be a genuine camaraderie and keenness to help beginners.

The trainers he recommended have been great so the whole fitting process definitely works.


Glad to hear you now have happy feet! Running shops do seem pretty intimidating, but actually turn out to be surprisingly friendly!


Happy feet = happy running, glad your are enjoying them.

Happy Days' all round.


Happy feet here too :) nice one for facing your fears!


Yay good for you :) so glad you got your new shoes sorted... I was exactly the same, I went for my gait analysis yesterday, I am a neutral and came home with my new shoes. So much better managed to run 6 k today without no knee pain :)


See this worries me - although I joke about wanting a garmin watch thingy, one of the main attractions of doing the C25K is the fact that there are no expenses associtated with the activity.

I run in a pair of tracksuit bottoms my stepson grew out of, any T-shirt that's clean and a pair of trainers that my stepdaughter bought and then found they were a bit too narrow.

So far, no pains so no need to upgrade (although I'm contemplating running in leggings now the warmer weather is here) but I am worried about the possible cost of a pair of "decent" running shoes.

I'm hoping that I'm lucky enough not to need them and I can keep running in the current trainers until they fall apart.

So, question to those with more experience:

1) What are the chances of me needing proper running shoes?

2) What's the best type/brand of shoe for someone with a broad foot but a normal one (not flat footed, no excess pronation, not a high instep).

3) Should I start saving now? Really, anything above £35 and I'll need to start budgetting. (Along with a lot of people in Britain, the recession has hit us in the pocket).


I'm not experienced and used a pair of my normal trainers for a while. I have recently bought a pair of decent running shoes (properly fitted after gait analysis on a treadmill) and I have noticed a huge and welcome difference. It is well worth saving up for something decent. Good luck with your running.


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