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Week 8....legs to run along with nose?

After a bit of advice from all you lovely people. I was due to start wk8 on Monday but saturday I got a sore throat followed by a cold :(. I was going to attempt session 1 tomorrow. I still have a cold but feeling much better. Should I just go and try it and see how I feel? I am worried if I leave it for a week I will a) lose my motivation or b) lose where I am in fitness.

What have you done when a cold has interrupted your C25K?


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Not a personal experience, but someone I know doing the C25k took breaks when she fell ill and managed to pick up where she left off. I haven't fallen ill since starting the podcast (touch wood) but I think general advice is to take a break and recuperate.


Received wisdom is that if your cold is above the neck it's okay to run but if it's below the neck you should rest up. Running will not make a cold worse - but a cold will make your running worse! You won't lose fitness if you want to rest up for a couple of days, but a cold can take it out of you. You've got all the time in the world to complete the programme, so don't fret.


I agree with Ullyrunner. My daughter is a sports therapist working with elite athletes (not me I hasten to add!!!) and above the neck carry on, below the neck rest up seems to be the the formula applied. I followed this advise back along and felt much, much better having run! I had wrestled with what to do and like you was worried about missing in case it made it hard to restart.

Hope you are feeling much better - and hang on in there kid!!


If it was me I would go out anyway, but see how I went and not beat myself up if I had to walk part of the session. At least you'll be getting some exercise and fresh air.


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