C25k gingerbread man anyone ? Housework overload! :(

C25k gingerbread man anyone ? Housework overload! :(

Well after a day of housework(as you can see my pal Tracy knows i'm NOT a naturally tidy person as she bought me that coaster!) ,doggy walking(that was fine) dog sitting my brother's "on holiday" dog Kali, barking overload from 2 Jack Russells who can't decide yet who is boss(off again now!) washing out, rain! washing in! Hoovering(2 dogs attacking!) washing up-BOO! i decided i needed a bit of fun and something yummy! so had some kits, being sold off on special promotion, for gingerbread men, cut out 5, extra mixture left so naturally their round heads led me to inspiration!a c25k biscuit! Limited edition 1 only, but would be fun to make if we ever have a c25k party!

Hopefully off out on a late night run to get rid of extra calories!!!! and de-stress from the dogs(sleeping nicely now!) plus a nice walk in a min to wear them out!!

Happy running everyone!


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20 Replies

  • Hahahaha I love the gingerbread man! I'd suggest you market them but I'd only eat far too many :)

  • Thankyou! they are a bit addictive! oh well ! :)

  • Run run as fast as you can! Love him Ali- well done x :-D

  • a flash of inspiration!! kept me amused! :)

  • Excellent!! Boo to housework. No matter how much cleaning you do, it always needs doing again. Baking is much more fun! :)

  • I must admit i don't clean as much as i should!! My friend (who gave me the coaster) employs her mum to come round once a week, she changes the beds, hoovers, washes the floor all for £10! easy life! Am giving my dad my dining room table as its a dumping ground for tat in this house, so thats going to make it look better! :) Yes baking MUCH more fun!!

  • Just read through your post about your run with your brother at the weekend. Fantastic time! I'm sure you're going to get below 30 minutes before too long :)

  • getting there! might catch up a few more secs when we go to the flatter course! John says must go outside my house and do hill reps!!! hes very focused!!! When he was in hospital a few years back(he get really bad migraines and it took them ages to discover what it was) his daughter took me out running and i didn't make it round the block! think she will be pleased with me now!! :)

  • Ha ha ! Oh I love it Ali, that's fab :-) Sounds like you've got your hands full at the mo but I bet you are loving being at home with the pooches ! :-) xxx

  • they've been VERY barky and had a couple of spats, Kali wouldn't let George to the window as her bed was there so swapped it round, and took away treat ball that she was snappy with him cos of. Shes used to her own way! but they have been playing too! Just been on nice walk, met my neighbour and his pal walking 9 labradors between them(george loves his lab friends) so they have had nice run around and no fighting! :) its nice not going to work! got running club tom eve so will have to leave them with dad!! :)

  • Oh they will be best of pals before long Ali, its nice for them to have a playmate . My two have their moments , but its lovely seeing them both curled up together snoring their heads off ha ha :-) xxx

  • they are nice and sleepy now!! :) aah!!!!!!! :)

  • Awww, just having a bit of a rest, then they can do it all again tomorrow, I wish I was a dog sometimes, its a great life isn't it ha ha :-) xxx

  • I just love that - sooo cooool

  • Thanks!! haven't eaten it yet! it was IannodaTruffe's poster link that i stumbled across earlier that inspired me too as i had one printed out to take to the docs with the logo on! :)

  • thanks Kittykat! do you love running or gingerbread men MORE?? !!!!!!!! you don't have to answer that one!! :)

  • good choice! :)

  • I think it would be good to eat his head first and then finish the rest of im, gobble him up quick on one go. Or maybe break him down into small, manageable chunks to make finishing it a bit easier. Hmmmmm decisions, decisions

    I've got a dog coming to me for a long weekend this Friday. When the pug comes to visit there will be ructions to start with as the pug will wind up the big dog. He torments him and then comes running to me to hide behind when the dog gets narked. They have a tussle and start chasing round the lounge. I give em a minute to settle down and if they're still being naughty I stand up and give them a hard stare each. That's enough and they settle down and shut up. They seem to really like each other now but I can't walk them together as one pulls for England and the other lags behind for England so I'm like piggy in the middle. Dogs ey. Shakes head.

  • ** does it depend on how your husband has behaved as to the method!!?? i went for head first in the end, he is no more!! :(

    Things tranquil here now as the are fed and exercised and now very sleepy! Think the big dogs wore them out!! Have fun with you pug visitor, you'll have to post a photo for poppypug! i have one fast one slow too!!! Kali doesn't sniff and George sniffs for England!! :)

  • I've got loads of pics. I'll dig out a cute one

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