C25K graduate introducing myself!

Hi, I graduated from C25K in May 2012, it was an on/off journey like a lot of others on this forum. I have been enjoying the posts on here daily, getting lots of good tips and 'lurking' as they used to call it, so thought it was time to make myself known.

I started my journey after being inspired by my friend who is a club runner and ran the London Marathon a couple of years ago.a. I was one of those people who would often say, "Oh! I wish I could run" and not doing anything about it.

I was 3 stone heavier 8 years ago and managed to loose the weight but was still lacking fitness. I was diagnosed with R&R MS in 2000 and it has taken me this long to find something to aid my fitness. I don't remember where I first saw about the C25K programme but I got one of my boys 2 download the podcast and my husband was kind enough to buy me a treadmill to use in our garage so I started in there and like everyone else that first 60 second jog nearly killed me!

Anyhow, I graduated with a big smile on my face casting my mind back to that first 60 seconds and was now able to run 5k. I planned a route around my area that is 5k and reasonably flat and aim to keep getting the time down, currently at 37 mins.

I did a local 'fun run', total misnomer, there was nothing 'fun' about it and determined not to walk although I was so slow it looked like was, done it in 40.42, did the RFL a couple of weeks ago and managed 40.12, if it wasn't such a big event I think I could have got a sub-40. My MS nurse is pleased I am doing this as it helps keep the strength in my legs and I am hoping to do our local Parkrun with my running friend soon as I only hear good things about it, I have already registered with my club being C25K.

I am the original tortoise, but this running thing is addictive, but if I post and don't reply immediately it's because I only check my e-mails once a day, I'm not being rude :-) but I so LOVE this forum!


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10 Replies

  • Hello Redkelly, I am just starting out on my C25K journey and it is reading all the positive stories of others struggling and achieving that makes me believe I can do it. Thanks for posting x

  • Good to see your post - I graduated then too.

  • I too have rrms and feel so incredibly lucky to be able to do this when so many other msers are unable. Hence my screen name -I am determined to keep as fit as I can now that I've found an exercise routine I actually enjoy. I'm currently on Wk 4 but am determined to graduate and keep on running as long as my body allows. The ms makes me depessed but the runnung makes me feel alive, positive and happy :-)

  • Hi useitorloseit, it is a s--t condition, but although I have it, it does not define me and this running malarkey makes me feel alive to and even though u r on week 4 I know you will graduate, if I can so can u :-)

    I feel the same, as long as a can I will and it is so right in your name, use it or lose it. I don't think I will ever be speedy but I am persistent/stubborn and my husband always worries about me overdoing it but we know how to listen to our bodies and we would be foolish to overdo it. Fatigue is a bu--er and this weather is not great for us MSers, roll on Autumn!

    Keep running!!

  • Nice to meet someone who knows what it's like. I don't know any other msers, and I don't like the ms forums because everyone is so flippin' depressing! Mood hoovers - I need positive energy not negative! My husband fears I may be overdoing it too, and fatigue is often a big problem, but I know my bod, and when fatigue calls, I listen!

  • Welcome, although that seems strange to say as you've been here a lot longer than me ;)

  • Hi Redkelly -what an inspiring post! So glad you've found that running is enjoyable despite your medical problems - puts the rest of us to shame, moaning about our minor aches and pains!

  • Hi Redkelly. It's lovely to read your story and what an inspiration to others you are. Keep on posting.

  • Thank you for sharing your story and I hope to hear more about your running adventures.

  • Hi RedKelly, what a lovely inspiring post. This running malarky seems to be beneficial across the board no matter what physical and/or mental issues people have. Enjoy your running and keep posting :)

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