Row, row, row your boat gently down the - - gym!!

Row, row, row your boat gently down the - - gym!!

Well its now official I can row 5K or 5000m as known to the rowing people in almost 3 minutes faster than I can run 5K. 31:28 running time, 28:41 rowing. Who would have believed that!!s OK I know it was flat calm, no ups no downs, no waves, no currents to contend with. I have to say I'm well chuffed with that time, its hard, its boring and quite difficult to keep up the pace especially if your mind starts to wonder as mine does when bored. its quite a poor substitute for my running which I'm passionate about but for now it will keep me active.

Challenge for the future sub 28 minutes I think :)

Sorry its side ways on, I can assure you I had not collapsed ;)


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11 Replies

  • Wahey OG ! That's fab stuff, good job its a static rower or you would be halfway across the Atlantic by now , Ellen McArthur , read and weep ha ha :-)

    So glad that you are keeping your oar in :-) xxx

  • haha I have been known to stick my oar in where not needed on odd occasions but I'm sure I'm not alone on that score. :) I have to say I'm well chuffed with this morning's result. Thanks popppug ;)

  • Ha ha ! I was really impressed with that until I got to the last sentence and imagined you just keeling over sideways but still managing to take the photo !! Well done and happy rowing.

  • Ha ha , yes that's what I thought too :-) Aarrggghhh, Timber ! :-) xxx

  • Well done, fab time....I think I'd find it difficult to do 500m let alone 5000!'ll have muscles of steel.

  • Muscles have muscles these days haha, It actually works your upper thighs and glutes as well as arm, shoulders and chest. Would be a good balance exercise for running when you think about it. Alternate days rowing and running, just think of the toned bodies we would all have. :)

  • Impressed Oldgirl... you are one speedy lady. And I agree, it would make for a really balanced workout if we did 5k running one day and 5k rowing the next. As it is I am struggling to get out for a run after my yoga class on Saturday. Concentrated on hips and groins and I am aching so much... however, I will take a couple of painkillers and head out first thing in the morning. Can't be too lax when I know you would love to be able to get out!

  • Ha ha, that really made me smile that post! Ta. I thought you'd keeled over anorl OG! Thar she blows

    Seriously, well done on that time! I reckon rowing must be good for you stamina building wise.

  • Well done OG, that's seriously impressive. You said you were going to do it and you have! I know what you mean about rowing being boring ( well on dry land anyway) Only tried it once and that was enough, so very well done for sticking to it whilst you wait to restart your running. :)

  • Impressive stuff :) At least it's keeping you active until you can hit the tarmack again :)

  • That is fabulous! I loved the rowing machine when was a member of the gym but I doubt I could have managed 28minutes though. Well done again!

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