New 5000m Rowing PB

New 5000m Rowing PB

Just my second attempt at 5000m rowing and got a PB, 28:28 shaved 13 seconds off my previous time. Well chuffed even though I say so myself :). Had a Duh! moment when I was setting the display though and it recorded the calories for 500m split instead of time, we live and learn. Problem I have is by the time I've grabbed my phone and glasses off the floor the display only holds for a couple of minutes so couldn't quite suss out how to change from calories to time before I lost the stats. I'll have to play with the display on Monday.

Have a lovely weekend everyone and happy successful running :)


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  • Hey! It's old girl, my old buddy! Rowing now too? I haven't been on here in ages - nice to see that little green badge against my name. :)

  • Hello lovely girl, I was just reading your post on the other side. I hope you are well, still taking wonderful photographs I hope. I'm rowing just now in desperation to stay fit as I'm on the injury bench, have been out of action for over 3 months, its driving me crackers (more so than I already was that is). Please, please send me some lovely pics to oohhh and aaahhhhh over. Take care :)

  • That is really good! Funny things happen... while driving to work this morning I saw the rowing club kids training on the river and thought that when I'm back to the gym (that is when the Irish monsoon season starts - pretty soon I'm afraid) I will start on the rowing machine as I still prefer to run in the rain to the treadmill - and now I read your post! I like this sort of coincidences!

  • Has to be a good omen at work here Pigivi. I can't promise the high you get from running but to me its a good exercise for cross training. Don't try and row 5000m straight off whatever you do, 1000 - 2000m to start with is good. Enjoy

  • Very well done, Oldgirl! AND you've also managed to winkle out greenlegs - she who helped me to keep my sanity in the beginning. I've been wondering where she got to. MatthewW also! Both of you were such a great help in the early days (when I first admitted that I really didn't enjoy the running!) Thank you both :)

    You are doing really well increasing your PB at rowing. Rowing is way harder than running in my book!

    All power to you and hope you get your head around all the technology soon!

  • Oh, hello again, Beek! What a lovely comment to read - thank you! :)

  • Fantastic OG, your doing really well....great all over exercise for so many muscle groups....much harder than running I'm sure.

  • Wow. well done on the new PB - know what you mean about the glasses - I need mine more and more.

  • Hi OG

    Know what you mean about the specs! I never know what's happening as I can never get my specs on quick enough. Oh well, ignorance is bliss. LOL

    I fancy this rowing you know. You're really selling it to me. We have a rowing machine in the local park. I was eyeing it up the other day. I thought it was the exercise bike. Shows how much I know about gym tackle.

    I hope you'll soon be back on the road OG but in the meantime keeeeeeeeeeeeeep rowing!

  • Oh, you reminded me, when I was down at glasgow Green for the bike racing I saw a rowing club there at the river. I took a picture of the sign so I could go and have a try once my son went back to school. They have 'taster' sessions once a month or so. I grew up in a town with a river, and as a small girl, the womens rowing team at the U that i would see out training was the only sort of womens athletes I ever knew of until the first olympics i saw on TV a few years later. I have used rowing machines, but have always wanted to have a go at real rowing.

  • There are a couple of rowing clubs here in Aberdeen, not sure I would want to row on the Dee it would be very cold from September through to April, think I'll stick to the gym. No waves or strong tidal currents to contend with :)

  • Oldgirl that's brilliant. Rowing is sooo hard you must be incredibly fit. I know what you mean about the glasses. I can't see the reading on the machine in the gym (forget to take glasses and they'd steam up anyway!) and have to squint heavily which makes me look demented.

    Good luck for Monday.

  • I have to take my specs off as I pour with sweat, no lady like glow for me!!!! I did my rowing today with a black head band around my head to stop the sweat pouring into my eyes, it stings like mad when that happens. So today I was a demented ninja rowing grandma ;) Yes thankfully I'm fit but putting on the pounds due to not running, will have a lot of hard work to do once I'm back to it. for 3 years I've been able to eat just about anything I fancied without gaining weight. I'm going to continue rowing when I'm back running though as its a good cross training exercise.

  • Well done, I am impressed, you are an inspiration. I have to say I loathed rowing when I did it at the gym, along with the cross trainers, which were definitely a 'hamster on a wheel' experience and bored me to death. Trying to keep fit as we get older is hard. I hope things improve soon.

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